How Much Will WWE Lose By Firing Brad Maddox?

Hey guys, CP Hunk here. I thought I’d give you a financial breakdown of how much money WWE has lost and how much they will lose if Brad Maddox wins the “Mad Baddox” name.

  • In 2015 WWE made over 30 million in Brad maddox merchandise.
  • He was the #1 reason fans flocked to stores to buy WWE2K15, and his Beef Wellington DLC netted over 11 million in sales.
  • Maddox is the only WWE Superstar to win an Oscar for his 2012 film “Chaperone 2: Band Cramp”, by WWE Films. In it Maddox plays an executive forced to be a counsellor at an all girls summer camp, where every girl is having her period.
  • Both TMA and Honor of Rings have said they’re willing to build their companies around Mad Braddox, should he keep the name.
  • WWE has every right to take legal action. They lost millions when WCW hired Monky Honk Tan, and B-Lo Drown.
  • I was unable to reach Mince VcMahon for comment.