JR Blog: Monday Night Raw “Needs To Be a Hot Show”, Smackdown to USA Network, TLC 2015 PPV


Jim Ross had a new Monday blog before Raw, here are some highlights

on Raw
RAW needs to be a hot show as it’s the last RAW prior to Sunday’s TLC event. Hopefully this show will display better match exclusivity and not have repeated, unique spots in different matches which means better overall quality control of the look and flow of the show. TLC matches don’t have to be a one dimensional, spot fest but instead should tell a compelling story and incorporate the TLC’s instead of solely depending on them to make their matches sound. For example, I don’t need to see the same ‘feigned’ injured knee or ankle spots in the same show as we saw last week on RAW. TLC should compliment what we are seeing in the ring and not be the only story of the night IMO.

on TLC
Shows like TLC actually should necessitate more planning by management personnel than most shows because it’s important the distribute the use of tables, ladders and chairs where, by the time the final main event rolls around, that we haven’t “seen it all.”

on Smackdown
Expect some noticeable changes to WWE Smackdown when it moves to the USA Network in January. Hopefully, RAW and Smackdown will be more episodically produced after they both start airing on the same network.

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