WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 12.07.2015: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos Battle The League of Nations, Charlotte/Becky, Dudleys/ECW


WWE has the first Monday Night Raw of December tonight as the go-home edition for WWE TLC 2015.

The show will eminate live from North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston South Carolina. The show will be built around the TLC 2015 and will flesh out most if not all of the remained of the card for the PPV.

The focus will stay on the chase of Roman Reigns to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus. Last week, Sheamus revealed the League of Nations stable, consistenting of King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio.

With The League of Nations by his side, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus seems unstoppable going into his Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match title defense at WWE TLC, but Roman Reigns has a squad of his own in The Usos and Dean Ambrose. What will transpire between these two warring factions on Raw?

Reigns’ crew, tentatively called The Family, have their own feuds to deal with as well.

Dean Ambrose’s issues with Kevin Owens over the Intercontinental Title will continue on Raw. Owens missed last week’s Raw due to illness – will he also be added to the League of Nations?

The Usos as well as the Lucha Dragons will be facing off against the New Day for the WWE Tag Team Titles in a three way match at TLC 2015. It will also be a ladder match. The New Day should be in multiple segments all over the show.

The Dudleys were joined by ECW original, Tommy Dreamer, for Raw and Smackdown last week. While nothing is confirmed, Bubba Ray teased another ECW alum for Raw:

Charlotte and Becky Lynch will continue their drama on Raw, as the confident but cheating ways of Charlotte are driving a wedge between the former friends.

Here is WWE.com’s Five Points Preview of Raw:

  1. #SquadGoals – Will Reigns and his crew continue to bring the fight to Sheamus and his “lads” on Raw? Moreover, how will these two groups change the landscape of WWE TLC?
  2. All in the family – Will we see another “Extreme” collision between these unorthodox families, six nights before WWE TLC?
  3. Face value – Will The Man That Gravity Forgot take the bearer of “The Moneymaker”up on his offer to serve as his mentor, or will Neville keep his distance, given The Miz’s notorious self-serving tendencies?
  4. High anxiety for The New Day? – The New Day will not only defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against both The Usos and The Lucha Dragons at WWE TLC, but they will do so in a high-risk Ladder Match.
  5. All’s Flair in love and war – Are we now seeing the “real” Charlotte?

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