10 Thoughts on Jessica Jones – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

Today on Jessica Jones, we get a little more concentrated than usual. After discovering in the last episode that Malcolm, Jess’ strung out neighbor, has been keeping tabs on Jessica for Kilgrave; she, Trish, and Frank Simpson (the cop) devise a plan to catch Kilgrave and prove Hope’s innocence. Meanwhile, we’re treated to flashbacks from Jessica’s past, illuminating some bits of her backstory. The story still continues to move slowly, but boy it’s a fascinating watch.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Men really are awful

At least, they are in this universe. It seems like every episode there’s a new man saying something terrible, or doing something sexist. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it’s a really interesting reversal to put men into a marginalized position on a superhero show. My hope is that it gives some men a little perspective on how women feel when they watch TV and movies. In this episode, we had a man basically tell Trish that he masturbated to her when he watched her on TV. That is some unacceptable behavior, but it’s kind of par for the course with men in this show.

2. We get a little bit of the ol’ “Origin Story”

So far, the show has avoided any discussion of Jessica’s history in any sort of detail. But this episode had a whole bunch of flashbacks that solidified things we might have only guessed at about her. However, we haven’t figured out how exactly she got her powers yet.

3. Reuben is such a creep

Reuben is one of Jessica’s other neighbors. He lives with his sister and he is a total weirdo. He clearly has a thing for Jessica and is always inserting himself into her business, much to her chagrin. I kind of feel like there’s no way he doesn’t have some sort of ulterior motive with her. Perhaps he’s being controlled by Kilgrave. Or maybe he has some connection to S.H.I.E.L.D or the government. I don’t see the writers just inserting him into the show without having some big designs for his character.


4. So, yes, the cop is Frank Simpson

I’ve been referring to him as “the cop” because I didn’t catch his name. But it is Frank Simpson, who devoted Marvel readers might recognize as Nuke. So we now have Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Nuke. I assume Trish has some sort of relevance in the comics that I don’t know about. Anyway, it looks like a group of superheroes is being coalesced. What a shocker.

5. I’m missing out on all sorts of easter eggs

My familiarity with comics is mostly DC. And the Marvel comics I’m familiar with are mostly the big tentpole heroes (Spiderman, X-Men, Hulk, etc.). Someone was kind enough to point out who Frank Simpson was on my last review, so I looked him up. It explained a lot. It made me wonder how much stuff I was missing out on because I don’t really know the universe. So I encourage all of you to point out things that I’m getting wrong or missing. I want my experience of this world to be as rich as possible. And I ask everyone to be patient with me. I’m a bit of newbie with the second tier of Marvel.

6. Trish took Jessica under her wing

Trish tells Frank that after Jessica’s parents died, she took Jessica in. That explains why she’s so protective and loyal to Trish.

7. We got a glimpse of Jessica’s comic book outfit


Yeah… that wouldn’t really fit in this universe.

8. And we got to see Jessica and Kilgrave meeting

Turns out it was a chance encounter. In one flashback, we see Jessica coming across a couple of thugs beating up Malcolm, so she quickly dispatches of them. And Kilgrave just happens to be walking by. Fascinated and impressed by her strength, he immediately starts controlling her and leads her away. It’s funny, I thought them meeting would have been a little more dramatic.

9. Malcolm gets a moment to shine

Turns out that Malcolm was being controlled by Kilgrave, but not just through mind control. Kilgrave got him hooked on heroin and was giving him drugs to take pictures of Jessica. But Jessica saved him and handcuffed him in her bathroom so he could detox. We got to hear from his perspective what it was like being under Kilgrave’s sway. It was nice to see him get a moment and hopefully he’ll rebound and we’ll get to see more of him.

10. And Jess makes a deal with the devil

All Kilgrave wanted Malcolm to do was to take pictures of Jessica. So he offers her a deal. He’ll leave Malcolm alone if she sends one picture of herself to him per day. In order to save Malcolm, she does it. It’s an illustration of what makes Jessica a hero. She sacrifices her own sense of independence and safety to keep someone she barely knows safe.

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