Big E Talks New Day’s Success, Difficult Beginnings, Team Chemistry

One third of the WWE Tag Team Champions Big E recently spoke with Brian fritz of Sporting news. Here are some highlights:

On the success of the New Day:

“What’s been really rewarding for us is knowing how hard it has been for us to get this off the ground. We always believed we had the ability to move people the way we have as of late. It’s just a matter of being able to get that window. The last few months, 5-6 months, have been truly rewarding. Obviously, we’re having a blast and I think that shows.”

On fans not buying into the New Day at first:

 “I get a lot of people’s lack of optimism at first. When we were first met with the idea, we looked at each other and wondered how we were going to make this work. I think the biggest takeaway is being patient. I think a lot of times with our fans, I think a lot of people were very quick to dismiss what we were. And I get why. I think often times it’s just a matter of being patient with an act; letting it evolve, letting it grow and seeing what it becomes. We were glad we were given enough time to make it work.”

On the group’s chemistry together:

“That’s what we always thought was that regardless of what the idea was, that people would see that these guys have a chemistry and a bond that you don’t see too often and we always want that to shine through. We’re excited about how far we’ve come. We feel like this is a group that can stay together for a long time and that’s our hope. It’s especially knowing that this came from our brain, this was our idea. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, things change, but we know that we stuck it out and being rewarded for it is a really good feeling.”

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