David Ehrlich Of Rolling Stone Makes Glorious Video Countdown Of His Top 25 Films of 2015

Top 10 lists and film critics awards keep flooding in and will continue until the end of the year. We’ll also be getting a number of montages celebrating the year in film. One of first ones is from “Rolling Stone” staff writer David Ehrlich who presents a 13-minute video that begins with a montage before counting down his top 25 films of the year. I’ve seen my fair share of video montages and have done a few myself, but the music cues make Ehrlich’s video shine, regardless if you agree with his selections or not. Never would I have expected someone to incorporate both Gershwin and Cyndi Lauper into a year in review.

Rolling Stone Staff Writer David Ehrlich’s Top 25 Films Of 2015

1. Carol
2. World Of Tomorrow
3. Phoenix
4. The Look Of Silence
5. A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence
6. The Duke Of Burgundy
7. Eden
8. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter
9. Mistress America
10. Mad Max: Fury Road
11. Clouds Of Sils Maria
12. Magic Mike XXL
13. Tokyo Tribe
14. Anomalisa
15. Listen To Me Marlon
16. Black Coal, Thin Ice
17. Heaven Knows What
18. The Hateful Eight
19. The Mend
20. James White
21. The Forbidden Room
22. Junun
23. Mustang
24. Tangerine
25. Girlhood

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