Forever Heel: League of Greatness. Sheamus, New Day, Alberto, Rusev PLUS Top 5 WWE Employees to Fire

So far this version of Sheamus is the greatest heel since JBL. A great heel is someone the fans don’t want to be. They’re reverse role models.

By proxy, a good heel faction is a group you don’t want to be a part of. The Straight Edge Society , Right to Censor, and JBL’s Cabinet are great examples. No fans liked these guys at the time. They might be nostalgic for them now, but pro-wrestling is about getting a reaction in “the now”, not 11 years later. I’m still waiting on that “Best of the Blue Bloods” DVD.

Anyway The League of Nations got off to a great start. Anytime you ally with a group like New Day, you’re off to a great start. Especially if you dance like a goofball.

Let’s look over the League of Nations? No? Get your ass in gear and continue reading, scrub!

Sheamus: Sheamus is doing the greatest heel move in recent times. He’s refusing to be badass. We all know he’s a tough guy, but he’d rather dance and make fun of the fans. Sheamus is doing now what heel Steve Austin should’ve been doing in 2001.

King Barrett: I believe WWE has been limiting heel and face turns, and Wade wasn’t doing anything anyway. Being part of the company’s main heel faction freshens Barrett up a bit. It keeps him relevant. He’s also capable of being a hilarious dickhead heel, and hopefully he brings that back.

Alberto Del Rio: Butt hurt Ziggler fans still cry about ADR being boring. He’s not, and he’s one of my favorite guys. I love his core gimmick, as a rich Mexican that will only acknowledge his Spanish heritage. I know how he feels, but Mexicans hate when you point out that you’re not “La Raza” and you’re Latino. This is a liscense to print heat where I live in Los Angeles. I do feel that Alberto’s methodical pace could be helped by having a hyper manager at ringside. Alberto is a foreign heel holding the US Title, and that gets heat anywhere in America.

Rusev: I love this guy. If I was in WWE, I’d just book this guy as a killer. He’d just choke out guys, and get dq’s for his brutality. I’m hoping a heel Lana will join him soon. Splitting them up isn’t needed, they weren’t getting stale as a couple.

Tyler Breeze: He’s not a member, but he’s like Barrett. Creative will have nothing for Breeze soon, but he is an effective heel. Being part of the League is right up his alley. He’s from Monaco, or at least owns a seasonal home there, and he could ally with Rusev against Ziggler and Ryback, or whatever dumb baby face that the IWC loves.

The Authority: For the love of Christ, I hope they stay out of this. I don’t want them treating Sheamus like a bratty extension of Triple H. The League of Nations is my new favorite thing, and I’m excited about this. I heart foreign heels.

New Day: When you’re trying to get the heel champ heat, you put him with the most hated group in WWE. I would be for making these guys WWE WHC co-champs. I’m sure some idiot will say it tarnishes the belt, but from 2005-2014 the WWE belt was literally a spinning toy. I love that New Day isn’t just a drop off faction for Black wrestlers. This is proven to be a better idea than Nation 3.0. Three black guys that refuse to be into hip hop, refuse to acknowledge they’re black, and dance in a way that makes us all feel awkward. Genius. I’m not seeing them joining the LoN officially, but that’s a good. No need to overfill The League.

Kevin Owens: As I write this, there was talk of Owens joining LoN, on last weeks SmackDown. I don’t know if that’s true anymore. He may not join, or wasn’t ever going to. I just thought he’d be a nice fit, but the Kevin Owens’ character is a selfish loner. I think it would hurt his character to all of the sudden join an elite group of international talent. It’s like Boba Fett just joining the Empire, it hurts Kevin’s uniqueness. Just because Fett wasn’t an Empire guy doesn’t mean he wasn’t a villain. Boba Fett’s still a villain right?

Finn Balor: This is a bullshit fan idea, but Balor has been an effective heel in the past. The bullshit part is that these particular fans think Balor fits in anywhere, and he should take Rusev’s place in the LoN. I’m not sure that WWE would even hotshot him to the main roster and into the top heel group. Nobody watches NXT and the Japanese Feds but us. Regular fans won’t know who this new guy dressed like a Spider-Man villain is. I’m not seeing it.

Top Five WWE Employees to Fire

5- Summer Rae

4- Byron What’s His Name

3- Eden What’s Her Name

2- Michael Hayes

1- Rene Young

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