Mail Sack Submissions for #CRA200Live PLUS The Official Drinking Game!

Tomorrow (December 10th) at 8PM EST, we at Classy Ring Attire will be conducting our first ever live podcast over on our YouTube page (Click here for more info).

You can be a part of the show by giving us your thoughts on the following subjects:

– Given the slew of injuries going on right now, how does WWE book the main event of Wrestlemania 32 that will be help them pull off this attendance record they want so badly?

– What do you hope we will be talking about by the time Classy Ring Attire #400 comes around? (roughly 4 years from now)

– Just in case this entire live stream is a massive failure and WWE forces us all to stop watching, what subject should Classy Ring Attire be about? (fingers crossed for turning it into a Star Wars podcast)

– Your thoughts and predictions for TLC this Sunday.

Post your thoughts in the comments below. Any other comments or questions you want us to talk about are welcome as well!

And finally, we put together a drinking game for those of you that will be watching live. We’ll do our best not to accidentally kill all of you.


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