Marvel Comics Review & Spoilers: Secret War #8 by Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribić, Ive Svorcina. It’s All About The Benjamin, Baby!!

SECRET WARS #8 review spoilers 1

SECRET WARS {3rd series} #8 (of 9)

Writer & Designer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribić

Color Artist: Ive Svorcina

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Covers by: Alex Ross; Tomm Coker; Siya Oum; Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi;

John Tyler Christopher; Greg Hildebrandt

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

 “Under Siege” (22 pages)

SECRET WARS #8 review spoilers 2Giant-size excitement in the Mighty Marvel Manner!!

Overconfident pilot Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord makes haste in transporting the two Reeds to Castle Doom. His cocksureness is put in place when a Hulk impacts against his ship and damages the aft engine. Crash-landing is imminent!!

Benjamin J. Grimm remains steadfast in his mission. His rampage is casually viewed by Doom. Susan is aghast. Terrax address his former master to engage the enemy. Once the words are uttered, Franklin manipulates the Galactus monument to pick on someone his size. It matters little that the two do not realize they are related. When Ben realizes Franklin’s ‘father’ is Doom, he no longer resists. That is his grave mistake as Franklin breaks him apart with one powerful punch.

SECRET WARS #8 peek-a-boo

SECRET WARS #8 left hook

SECRET WARS #8 Galactic punch

Susan cannot wipe that astounded look from her face. She begs her ‘husband’ to end it but he bides his time. Now that The Thing is no longer The Shield, the Annihilation Horde arrives en masse. Valeria is much calmer than her hysterical mother. She asks Susan to trust her and follow her to safety.

Peter, Reed, and Maker hit the castle. Literally!! The two eggheads walk off while Star-Lord is left to repair his craft. Black Swan startles him. He quickly realizes that she is one of those people. He talks a good talk but does not match her level. Amid the rubble, he desperately searches for a miniscule object. He slams it into the ground and out comes Groot!!! His ginormous growth spurt decimates Doom’s domicile. Meh. It wasn’t meant to last.

SECRET WARS #8 joint

SECRET WARS #8 Groot goodness

Valeria uses her analytical mind to determine that the entirety of events is all a charade, a farce, a lie. The two women come across Reed-616. He casually greets them and observes his daughter’s resourcefulness.

Thanos finally makes his grand entrance. He is ready to wipe the floor with Doom. The two ‘deities’ measure you-know-what. The Emperor offers the Tyrant domain over the Deadlands. Thanos is insulted by the generosity. Doom is beneath him. He has experience in divinity and mocks the metal-faced monarch on his limitedness. That was the last straw. What happens next actually had me yell “Oh, snap!” Doom reaches into the Titan’s heart. He instantly becomes skeletal and crumbles. Oh my gods!!! The Emperor wants retribution. He instructs Annihilus to eradicate the opposition.

SECRET WARS #8 measure of a man

SECRET WARS #8 bow down to me

SECRET WARS #8 eat your heart out

The Siege Courageous materializes and spits out zombies. Doom is taken aback. Black Panther and Namor break through. Panther has the Infinity Gauntlet and is ready to strike. Doom is done for!!

SECRET WARS #8 light the way

SECRET WARS #8 doomed

SECRET WARS #8 glove is on

WHOA! WHOA!! WHOA!!! After last month’s lacklustre issue, I will admit that I expected a completely different outcome when Thanos confronted Doom. Purple-Puss was determined to clean his clock. Boy, was I wrong!! How much power is stored within the diabolical despot?? I seriously misjudged his inaction as wimpy-ness. *gulp* I hope he doesn’t have his sights set on me. Mr. Hickman: you have outdone yourself! You have made history this day by besting Thanos so quickly. Only Death herself could carry out that task…until now!

SECRET WARS #8 bluster

The FF was featured a bit more. The teasing is beyond maddening!! The converging of Marvel’s First Family was clearly laid out more. The only one missing is Johnny. There’s only one more issue to (re)unite this tight-knit clan. I’m curious to see if Susan is oblivious to Reed because that definitely isn’t the case with him. Like father, like daughter. Valeria has her suspicions confirmed when her real father addresses her. Will Johnny regain human form and go super-nova to obliterate Battleworld?? Uncle Benjy needs to set things right with his nephew.

SECRET WARS #8 we are family

SECRET WARS #8 review spoilers 4

Mr. Hickman shows some love towards the GotG. Groot’s sprouting was completely unexpected. Peter was knocked down a few pegs but his cleverness gets him out of the tightest spots. There is some backlash to be dealt with. Gamora remembers everything from before. I hope she appears in the final issue. What got me going was that Susan referred to the ambulant arbor as the World Tree. Say what?? Is he Yggdrasill?? That’s several twists from several branches!!

SECRET WARS #8 uh-oh

There was one chuckle-worthy moment: a single panel featuring Sinister’s decapitated head. He remains immobile since he has no body to permit his to flee the rampage from the former Shield.

SECRET WARS #8 keep your head about you

I thoroughly enjoyed Doom wiping the smirk off Thanos’ face. He struck with the fury of an avenging spirit. It would seem that a true deity has no need for braggadocio. You have erased my cynicism and renewed my faith in this title.

SECRET WARS #8 review spoilers 5

Esad Ribić has a ‘temper tantrum’. He scatters his toys across the sandbox. The Ever Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing pounds some sense into those who cross his path. Groot blooms to glorious heights, oblivious to his surroundings. The mass destruction is a pre-cursor to the finality. Susan’s botox-like reaction should be used as a future meme. Insert captions.

Ive Svorcina kicks up the dust. Orange man creates orange effect. The monochromatic tone clashes somewhat. The colours brighten even more when the two relatives clash. The green mist of decay emanates from Doom when he disposes of Thanos.

SECRET WARS #8 fists pounding

Welcome back, Chris Eliopoulos! He enjoys emitting the sound effects. Most important, he broadcasts loud and wide the guttural ‘GROOT!

One does not need address God Emperor Doom to seek redemption. This book has it in spades. I now bemoan the opposite: I don’t want this to end! The ninth entry better be triple-sized!! We’re on the precipice of revelation but real time is our enemy!

SECRET WARS #8 review spoilers 6

Like the number of this issue, I give this story 8 out of 10.


A thousand thanks to my local comic shop news where I procured this book.

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