Ric Flair critical Of Mick Foley’s recent WWE Comments, Talks Sheamus As World Champion, League Of Nations

On a recent episode of WOOOOO Nation, Ric Flair talked about Mick Foley’s recent critiques of WWE, as well as Sheamus as new world champion. Here are some highlights:

On Mick Foley’s comments:

“The problem I have is [Foley is] not there. Like, to me, Mick has become a Monday morning quarterback. He’s only observing what he’s watching on TV. Do you know what I mean? And I don’t think it’s fair to the company to be ostracized or scrutinized by someone that’s not there.”

Sheamus as WWE World Heavyweight Champion:

“I’m biased because I’m very close friends with Sheamus and I think he’s a very, very talented performer. Do I like Sheamus? Yeah! Do I think he’s a good champion? I think he’s as good a champion as anyone else that could be there. I thought Seth was the best champion they’ve had in a while because he can do anything. I mean, Seth Rollins is a really gifted, talented guy and a phenomenal performer, but they had to move on and Seth won’t be back for quite a while.”

Thoughts on League of Nations:

“I thought the League of Nations was very cool because that was the first time in a long time that you’ve got four guys that can work and talk. I mean, and you think about it, they all can perform [and] they all can talk. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen [Alberto] Del Rio look better, physically. Del Rio looks great! I mean Sheamus has a great body. Barrett [has] got a great body. Rusev is just a great guy and Rusev is really a hell of a hand. I just think that if they run with this, and do it the right way, the League of Nations could be really cool.

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