Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa Doesn’t Think Owens vs Lesnar Is A Good Idea, Says Independent Wrestlers On WWE Main Roster Isn’t Good For Business

Earlier this week Forbes and Bleacher Report wrestling columnist Alfred Konuwa was on WrestleZone Daily With his weekly “What’s Best For Business?” segment. Konuwa discussed  whether or not putting independent pro wrestlers on the main roster is best for business due to all of the injuries as of late. Here are some quotes

“Basically, there are rumors out there that Kevin Owens might face Brock Lesnar. It just kind of made me bring to light, “Would that be a good idea? Having Kevin Owens go over Brock Lesnar? Or even having a feud with Brock Lesnar?” I don’t think it would. I have kind of put things in perspective here over the last year. It’s something I don’t think the wrestling media does a good enough job of. With the exception to the great people at WrestleZone. You have got to kind of go back and look. I feel like fans and even people in the media tend to just look forward to the next indy guy. There is definitely a chosen few that they want to see on top. Whether it’s Cesaro or Dean Ambrose or whatnot. If you look the evidence is piling up against them. In that Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn… all hurt. They are all injured. A lot of these guys are well conditioned athletes. Especially Cesaro and Rollins. The fact that Kevin Owens, the portly guy with the knee injury concerns. The fact that he is the last one standing, or one of the last ones standing, should scare WWE. I am just saying, we call this, “What’s Best For Business?” It would be best for business for WWE moving forward to build around guys who are home grown. Who maybe don’t have that lengthy history of independent wrestling. One of the top arguments I get is, “Well, you know, it’s wrestling. Injuries can happen to anybody.” Which is absolutely true. That should discourage WWE further from getting a guy who has over a decade of independent wrestling experience. You buy a car on CarFax and you look and you see it’s been in two car accidents. It’s got a hundred and fifty thousand miles on it and it breaks down the one weekend you’re driving it. You can’t just say, “That could happen to anybody.” No! No. There is a reason that happened. Again, it’s happened time and time again. WWE might need to look at it’s strategy in terms of it’s core group of talent. “

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