JR Blog: WWE TLC 2015 Predictions, UFC 194 Reactions, Charlotte vs. Paige


Jim Ross had a new weekend blog before TLC 2015, here are some highlights.

on TLC main event
The WWE Title is being rebuilt. It’s in a fragile state and needs continuity and stability. Does that mean Sheamus keeps it whereby he is then made to become much hotter in upcoming weeks or does WWE pull the trigger on this one and go with Reigns at TLC? It’s hard for Reigns to win, one would assume, with all of Sheamus’ cronies in the building or one could logically think.

The Authority and Reigns mutually embracing the WWE Title win on Monday’s RAW interests me and also allows Roman to get on a fresh roll leading into Wrestlemania Texas. Force feeding a ‘face to today’s fans has an obvious backlash affect of which Reigns is battling to overcome.

on Charlotte vs Paige for the Title
I have no clue as to who is the fan fav and who is the villain between Charlotte vs Paige for the Title. I’d keep Charlotte the champion until Wrestlemania Texas when she would lose to newly minted fan favorite Sasha. This specific area within WWE has seemingly lost a little sizzle because I don’t think fans know who to cheer for and for who to boo. Would love to see Charlotte focus on Paige’s legs while setting the Brit up for Figure Eight.

on Ambrose and Owens
Being fans of both Ambrose and Owens makes this a fun match to watch as long as they don’t try to do too much in the time that they have been allotted. I hope that KO is a vicious heel who isolates a body part like a carnivore. I’ve got Kevin Owens retaining with Ambrose going down fighting like Hell. Both men can ‘win’ in this particular presentation. If what we are seeing in matches is consistent with what we are hearing, that goes for every bout, both talents can leave the ring being over more than when they arrived.

on McGregor at UFC 194
McGregor is closing in on being the new, male face of UFC and it will be interesting to see how he and UFC upper management coexist going forward. The Irishman’s demands will be a pricey one I have to assume not withstanding his desire to be a multiple weight champion simultaneously which will likely come back to eventually bite him in the backside.

Nonetheless McGregor is a breath of fresh air in UFC and his career, if he stays focused on fighting and not outside interests, will be fun to follow. I’d love to see Conor face Frankie Edgar in Ireland at the stadium near Dublin that has been discussed.

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