Pull List Roundtable 12/16/2015 – Ultimate End #5, Judge Dredd #1, Darth Vader Annual #1, Justice League #46 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

  • STAR TREK: STARFLEET ACADEMY #1 – Having just passed its 50th issue, IDW’s Star Trek comic has been a great read each and every month. I am glad they are doing this spinoff series which tells flashback stories of the classic crew and also new stories about a new class at Starfleet Academy. This should be a real fun read.
  • SECRET WARS – Ultimate End finally wraps up leaving us with one more issue of Secret Wars to go. By the way, it was delayed AGAIN! By the time Secret Wars #9 actually comes out, Marvel might be ready to relaunch all their series all over again. Ultimate End has been a bit of a mess in terms of continuity. It’s definitely been a pathetic way to bring the Ultimate Universe to an end. BUT, I do want to know how Miles Morales made his way to the new Marvel universe, so I am a captive audience here.
  • WEIRDWORLD #1 – Weirdworld was one of my favorite Secret Wars titles, so I am glad to see that it will be continuing. I would have preferred Jason Aaron stick with this book, but Sam Humphries is a good writer too. Not sure we need TWO Weirdworld titles (this one and Black Knight), but I am still looking forward to this.
  • HUCK #2 – Mark Millar has been putting out some real great books for Image over the last year or so. Huck’s first issue was an awesome new take on the Superman story. I have no idea where this series goes from here, but with Millar, you know it will be different if nothing else.
  • SQUADRON SUPREME #1 – The original Squadron Supreme is one of my favorite comic series. I am a little disappointed that this series seems to be a hybrid of Squadron Supreme, the Max version, and a bunch of other realities. But I love alternate reality stories, so despite the fact it’s not really a Squadron Supreme series, I will still give it a fair shot.
  • ALL-NEW X-MEN #2 – The first issue was a nice surprise. Huge improvement over Extraordinary X-Men, and the creative team was perfect. I was reminded of Ultimate Spider-Man in a lot of ways. The X-Men books still seem to be a little shaky after Secret Wars, but All-New X-Men definitely gives me a lot of hope that everything will work out.
  • ILLUMINATI #2 – The big problem with Marvel releasing so many new books at once is that it’s hard to keep track of them all. I know I read the first issue of Illuminati. And I vaguely remember liking it, but I honestly could not tell you what happened in that comic.
  • INVINCIBLE #126 – Last issue took a lot of risks, and they worked real well. I still don’t think Kirkman will be keeping this major shift in the timeline, but it’s definitely been an intriguing arc that brings some fresh perspectives to the Invincible universe.
  • SECRET SIX #9 – Last issue, rocks fell. Everyone died. Fortunately, it seemed like they had been setting up an alternate Secret Six team more in line with the Pre-52 series (Scandal Savage, Ragdoll, etc). Now I don’t really think the Secret Six team is going to stay dead, but Gail Simone has kept us guessing each issue. Secret Six is one of my favorite series, and probably the best book DC puts out not called Grayson.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #46 – After a brief break for some mostly pointless tie-in issues, Darkseid War is back. I actually have been enjoying this story a lot, but I can’t help but feel it’s a cash grab with the tie-ins, and in a few months we’re getting another overpriced “Darkseid War Special.” Justice League had been good at having a big budget feel while keeping the reader from having to buy a ton of tie-ins. But they seem to have abandoned that here.
  • WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #2 – The first issue of this book was a huge departure from what I expected. Gilad is dead and in what seems to be purgatory deciding whether or not he wants to return to the real world. This provided us with a very different take on Eternal Warrior. Loved the first issue and I can’t wait to see more.

James Fulton

This is an odd week, because there is not a single new series debuting that I’m interested in reading (although I will be buying Darth Vader Annual #1, I don’t think that counts). When was the last time that happened? Let’s instead focus on some ongoing books that I maybe don’t spotlight enough.

  • From Under Mountains #3 – I’m not all that clear on what is happening in this comic at times, but it’s beautiful.
  • The Goddamned #2 – I loved the first issue of this very rough and tumble look at the world before the Biblical flood. It’s great seeing Jason Aaron and RM Guera working together again.
  • Imperium #11 – I never hear people talking about Imperium, which I believe is Valiant’s best constructed and most original series. I love Joshua Dysart’s comics work.
  • Invincible #126 – Robert Kirkman recently sort of rebooted this series, in that Mark has moved from the present into his own past, inhabiting his body just as it gained its powers, and using his knowledge of the future to change his and others’ mistakes. This issue is supposed to be the end of the arc, and I’m curious to see all the ways in which Kirkman leaves the lightning outside the bottle.
  • Sex #26 – I keep calling this my favourite Batman comic. Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski have built a fascinating city in this series, and while each issue doesn’t advance the story very far, it does allow us to check in with a number of corners of it. This is the most consistently good work Casey’s done in years.

John Babos: I’m not a fan of Harbinger, but have been intrigued by Imperium. Since this is a small week for me, I may try Imperium. Can you give me the downlow on the series? Does it focus on Harada? Is it a “villain-centric” title? I do like those with Suicide Squad, Deathstroke and Sinestro on my monthly pull

James: More villain-centric like Darth Vader than Suicide Squad. The focus of the book shifts on and off Harada and the people who are against him. There are no heroes in the book at all, but the supporting cast is pretty interesting, as is the idea that he still sees himself as the saviour of the planet. Dysart is awesome, and the book is pretty complex. I liked his Harbinger though, so…

Babos: Interesting. I assume they’ve released their first tpb already?. I’m shocked the Harbinger kids aren’t a regular part of Imperium, but that’s a selling point for me anyway.

John Babos

Avery small week… that leaves me with more money to spend for Christmas… on others!

  • Batman And Robin Eternal #11 – The ½ year weekly series continues.
  • Justice League #46 – Darkseid War fallout. An intriguing event with Jack Kirby’s greatest DC creations.
  • Squadron Supreme #1 – The post Secret Wars multiversal Squadron launches by one of my all-time favorite writes James Robinson. A pretty big death of a key Marvel hero was already revealed or spoiled, depending on how you feel about it. Speculators may scoop this one up. Hopefully there will be issues available for true fans.
  • Ivar Timewalker #12 – Sad to see this series end. I’ve enjoyed the quirky time travel tales of this series.
  • Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #2 – Ivar’s brother Gilad anchors his own title again. He’s fighting his way back to the land of the living. An interest trek for an… immortal.

Matt Graham

Not releasing this week, but at the top of my list are all past issues of Antony Johnston’s Image book Codename: Baboushka. The covers drew me in and a comparison to Modesty Blaise sealed it.

I started my Marvel Keep and Drop split last Thursday. I see no reason to give a title more than 1 or 2 issues at current cover prices. It’s their job to convince me the book is worth my interest, and most of Marvel’s #1s aren’t doing that.

  • All-New Inhumans #2 – the concept is a repeat, but the first issue had better pacing than most of Marvel’s decompressed efforts and the art is worthy of this flagship title approach. I’m mainly in it for Crystal, though.
  • All-New X-Men #2 – The first issue was my favourite of all the number #1s so far due to its pacing and execution. I felt very informed and up to speed on the cast and concept, had a little character development, and two fight scenes capped off by the team assembled on a cliffhanger. Dennis Hopeless did in one issue what Extraordinary X-Men hasn’t yet pulled off in three released issues. Mark Bagley isn’t a name that sells me a book, yet his art looked so refreshed and evolved I had to double check that he was the artist. Easy pick.
  • Illuminati #2 – The premise and promise outweigh the glacial start, but this may not end up in my hands at the checkout.
  • Squadron Supreme #1 – I like the Exiles approach to the team.
  • Judge Dredd #1 – I want this Paul Hanley variant cover:

judge dredd

Paul Miranda

    I came across this title three months ago. It’s an irregularly published book from Acme Ink. The previous issue featured Primus; this one Exodus. The focus is on heavy-metal bands. Head-bangers rock on!!
  • EX MORTIS #2 (of 6)
    War on the weird!!
    The third title from Aftershock. The brains behind HARLEY QUINN are sitting on a goldmine. Lightning will strike twice!! This novice publisher is making waves wink emoticon
  • KLAUS #2 (of 6)
    Christmas isn’t really my holiday. Grant Morrison has the magic touch. I adore this grounded take on the not-so-jolly St. Nicholas.
  • BATGIRL #46
  • BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL #11 (of 26)
    I only collect reprints that contain hard-to-find older material. Take a trip back in time to Jack Kirby’s zany contributions: the creation of the Fourth World!! Featuring NEW GODS #1, 7; MR. MIRACLE #1; FOREVER PEOPLE #1.
    The previous entry mentions the Darkseid War. Imagine that!! This book is a bit late (as is wont). Francis Manapul takes over the artistic duties while Jason Fabok takes a brief hiatus. The battles have barely begun!! The unraveling of events continue.
    Clark Kent has a rap sheet?? Nah, can’t be! Teen angst hits super proportions. Smallville is rocked to its core due to a violent crime. This is a job for…Wait. Superman doesn’t exist yet.
    The term graphic novel is deceiving since this book is only 28 pages and selling for seven bucks. Devil’s Due/1First Comics feature Glenn Farrington and the Fillbach Brothers.
  • BACK to the FUTURE #2
  • HUCK #2
    Done-in-one! We are spared years of backstory. Who dares defy the Dark Lord?
    The hits keep on coming!! Readers really are responding radically to almost the entire selection of ANADM. Major spoiler re: SQ SUP. Who would deliberately leak that info??
  • ULTIMATE END #5 (of 7)
    The very last SECRET WARS tie-in. Witness the extinction of the UU. Aside from Miles Morales, how many citizens will cross over into the 616? Literally long overdue!
    Ridiculously affordable reprint smile emoticon
    Another Valiant series ebbs. It’s only a matter of time before there is revitalization!!
    The designation raises my eyebrows a bit. Z2 Comics continues to go off course. Some warriors are born, others are made. Allen is just a sad sack.

Phil Allen

Only a handful for me this week!

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Vol. 11: Smoke and Shadow, Part 2 – I recently (and finally!) started watching Legend of Korra, which in turn means I have to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender. Upon hearing of the comics, I was skeptical that they could be as good as the show, and I’ve never been more glad to be wrong. The comics are direct continuations of the show, often answering many open questions. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend you do but don’t start here! Start at Volume 1 as they are chronological and canonical.
  • Batman ’66 #30 – The final issue! I’ve expressed before that I’m sad this series is ending, as it’s served as a respite from the now normal darker and more serious Batman universe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan as always, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and laugh. Though with the new ‘66 meets U.N.C.L.E. series coming, there’s sure to be a light side to the dark knight for awhile.
  • Descender #8 – I’ll take this moment to say again that I couldn’t be happier that Dustin Nguyen is bringing us his finest water colors on a regular basis again. Great stuff.
  • Lucifer #1 – I haven’t read any of the original series, but with the new show heading for FOX next month, this should be a fine jump-on point for all new fans. But if you dig it, check out Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and his solo series.
  • Martian Manhunter #7 – I’m only a couple issues into this series so far, but it’s easily one of my favorites from DC right now. The humanity being portrayed in this martian rivals that of many of DC’s leading characters, and I’m on board for awhile.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Darth Vader Annual #1
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #5
  • Southern Cross #6
  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #8
  • The Wicked + The Divine #17
  • Wayward #12