Vince Russo Says “Vince McMahon got hot at me, red in the face” Over Creative Ideas

Vince Russo talked about becoming part of the WWE Creative Team in the 1990s on the most recent episode of his Nuclear Heat show. Check out the video and highlights below:

On where his mindset was at the time: “I was feeling very negative about the company, but very desperately wanted to help. I’m either going to go to the next level in this company, or I’m going to be fired.”

On angering Vince McMahon with his offers to help creative: “I said ‘listen, if this is all I’m capable of, I need you to tell me because I know I’m capable of more.’ Vince McMahon got hot at me, red in the face. I don’t think anybody ever did this to him before. I remember him getting red in the face at me and I’m thinking ‘Bro, I don’t want more money, I want to help you.’ Three days later is when I got called in the office, Vince threw the magazine on the table and said ‘this is what the product needs to be.’”

In this episode of Nuclear Heat, Vince Russo brings you back to the WWE circa 1996-1997 when the companies popularity was at an all-time low with their financials were dangling over the danger zone. Vince explains, what took place when he approached Vince McMahon with the TRUTH, and nothing but THE TRUTH concerning his fledging product. Come full circle some 20 years later and here we are again. Can the direction once again be changed? And, if so–what drastic measures need to be taken?!

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