10 Thoughts on Jessica Jones – AKA 1,000 Cuts

Things are looking a little grim in the world of Jessica Jones. Kilgrave has escaped and is leaving a trail of chaos behind him. Now he has Hope in his crosshairs and a plan to save himself  from the wrath of Jessica. There was a lot of death and destruction in this episode, with the departure of a few main characters. The end of the season is only a couple episodes away, now.

Here are some thoughts.


1. The aftermath 

So Kilgrave has escaped, compelling Jeri to drive him away. He told Trish to put a bullet in her head before he left, and since the gun is empty she’s frantically trying to drill a used bullet into her skull. The father tries to wake up and carve out his own heart. And detective Clemmons hand is all messed up. But now Jessica knows she can resist Kilgrave. Because…

2. Kilgrave’s ability is a virus?

The father tells the whole crew that the reason Kilgrave’s commands only work if you’re breathing the same air is that it’s actually a virus. Which is why his commands stop working 12 hours after he’s given them. The virus works it’s way out of the system. That seems to be stretching, but okay. This is Sci-Fi after all.

3. Oh, now Jessica’s immunity makes sense… I guess

So I guess after being under the sway of his virus for so long she’s become immune to it. He actually hasn’t given her a single command since he told her to kill Luke’s wife. He can’t control her anymore, which is why when he got her to live with him, he wanted her to do everything of her own free will. It wasn’t an olive branch, it was because he knew he couldn’t control her.

4. Kilgrave and Wendy bonding was one of the more unsettling moments

Kilgrave tells Jeri to take him to a doctor she trusts. So where does she take him? Wendy. Her ex-wife. And once they’re there, Wendy patches him up and the two of them crow about ungrateful exes. It was very weird to see the two of them interact. And when Kilgrave makes his escape, he inivites Wendy to kill Jeri by 1,000 cuts. Which she does.


5. But Jeri is a bit of a monster

All and all, I can’t really blame her. Jeri is kind of a messed up lady. Apparently, after Hope got her abortion, Jeri saved the fetus’ body to see if could retain any of Kilgrave’s powers. Ick. So when Wendy goes after her with a knife, you kind of wonder how much of it is Kilgrave and how much of it is actually the hatred she’s accrued for her ex. But Pam comes to save the day and knocks Wendy in the head with a vase, which kills her. So. One down. Two to go.

6. Oh, good Will is back and- HOLY SHIT

Detective Clemmons has been left in the Sin Bin where they held Kilgrave to look after the evidence. And who shows up? Will Simpson! Here to take care of everything. Only, boy howdy, is he keyed up. Those little red pills have put him on a war path. He finds out where Jessica has taken Kilgrave’s father and then promptly shoots Clemmons in the head. Uhhhhhhhh not sure why that was necessary. So now Clemmons is dead and I don’t think we can really trust Will anymore. That’s a bummer. Two down. One to go.

7. Malcolm and Robin’s story feel a tad stilted

So Malcolm is helping Robin put up flyers for her missing brother. Of course, Malcolm knows that Reuben is dead, as he is the one who put his body in the river. But he feels like he doesn’t have a choice. And all this pent up angst is unleashed at his support group, where Robin has followed him. She confronts him and then convinces the entire support group to storm Jessica’s apartment and… kill her? I’m not sure. But what they did not know is that she had Kilgrave tied up so when they break down her door and knocked her unconscious, they made everything so much worse. Jessica wakes up to find Kilgrave gone. And finds out from an officer at the station that Hope had been released into Kilgrave’s custody. Oh, right I forgot: Hope is being released because Kilgrave pulled some strings. So much going on in this episode, I forgot about that. So she finds Kilgrave with Hope and all the members with nooses around their necks, ready to jump at his command. A lot of stupidity had to lead to that situation.

8. Where’s Luke?

He hasn’t been around for at least three episodes. I assume he’ll come back for one of the last two episodes, but it’s weird to have not seen him for so long.


9. Kilgrave is delusional

Apparently, the reason Kilgrave thought he could win Jessica back was that there was one moment when they were together the first time while she was not under his sway and he thinks she kissed him. Of course, Jessica tells him he remembered it wrong; that she actually tried to escape but was too slow. This is what Kilgrave had been holding onto: he believed there was some part of Jessica that actually truly cared for him. If that’s not delusional I don’t know what is.

10. Annnnnnd there goes the thrust of the entire season

Kilgrave makes his escape with his father, and Jessica saves the group members from hanging. But in the midst of the chaos, Hope slits her own throat. When Jessica tearfully asks why, she says it was to free her. She’s now free to kill Kilgrave. Well, that’s all fine and well except Hope is the only thing that has kept the plot going all season. And now she’s gone. Which I guess unleashes Jessica, but it is also kind of feels like we were cheated from any sort of catharsis. I guess that’s how it works in the real world, too. It will be fun to see how Jessica acts when she knows she can kill Kilgrave.

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