JR Blog: Conor McGregor/UFC Thoughts, “Negative” On NXT Takeover London Crowd, Commercial Breaks during Matches


Jim Ross had a new blog over the weekend heading into Raw on Monday, here are some highlights

on Conor McGregor
All these fighters @UFC calling out Conor McGregor, obviously because the Irishman is the new “it guy” in UFC and that’s where one will find the money…the big money. Two quick points, I hope that McGregor has a great financial planning in place where he’s saving much more than he spends on toys, etc plus that this reminds me of when Hulk Hogan was white hot in WWF and when the booking sheets would be distributed that the boys on the road, when three shows a night was the norm, would first look to find Hogan’s name and where he was booked and then examine that card to see if their name was listed too. Everyone wants to follow the money and being on Hogan’s live event cards was where the big money was as a rule back in the day.

on the live audience at the NXT Takeover London event
I went back and looked and the live audience at the NXT Takeover London event and the live crowd did actually sing a pop tune while Bayley was ‘selling’ and it did feel strange. Is this type of crowd reaction good for the business? I’m leaning toward the negative side of that answer. But as everyone knows, I’m an old school, bitter dude who’s angry at the world and I yearn for the days of wool tights and mullets.

on commercial breaks
I see the reason that some wrestling TV shows need to stretch some bouts through one or more commercial breaks but I’m sensing that most matches that carry through a break, or two, disconnect from many fans thanks to the three minute commercial break or even a two minute break. I’d like to see more matches start and end in the same segment which should help maintain the focus of the fans and consequently help get talents over more, or so I feel. If that means that if a promotion has to format a shorter, reset segment to get back on their timeline then so be it.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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