Spain’s SmackDown Report and Review for November 17th 2015: The Dr. Seuss Version

‘Twas a week before Christmas,

And here on SmackDown,

Roman Reigns made his way to,

The ring, with a frown.

With the belt on his shoulder,

That Sheamus had lost,

He grinned and he laughed about,

Punching out the boss.

But then look: out came Sheamus,

And his stupid hair,

And he whined and he moaned,

And claimed life wasn’t fair.

The McMahons are quite angry,

Following Monday night,

And so Sheamus told Roman,

‘Get out of my sight!’

But the champ simply chuckled,

At this bold request.

Then beat up security,

To show who was best.

And then out came the Big Guy,

Who was ready to kick,

That smug bastard Del Rio,

In his tiny dick.

They tussled and wrestled and

Called each other names,

But Ryback went for Shell Shocked,

And then it all changed.

The League of Nations showed up,

And caused quite the flap,

Which allowed Del Rio to

Make the Big Guy tap.

Then followed a beatdown of

Epic proportion,

And the League left poor Ryback,

In some misfortune.

After that, O’Neil took on that,

Sexy Tyler Breeze,

A distraction from Goldust,

Let him win with ease.

Though the New Day were filled with


The Lucha Dragons won it,

Picking up the three.

They’ve got a shot now for the

Tag Championships,

Next week, right here on SmackDown,

So, maybe all you fuckers now have a reason to actually watch this damn show. I mean, I don’t know: I watch it; I review it, and all I hear is ‘sounds great, wish I’d seen it’. Christ alive.

Anyway, let’s talk Divas,

Like Becky and Brie.

And Team BAD, and Charlotte, whose

Tactics were dirty.

She tripped up the Bella, could

Not have looked calmer,

And she cheered when her best friend,

Cinched the Disarmer.

But now here’s the real shocker,

Ziggler got the win!

Due to Kev getting DQ’d,

So that means nothing.

But Dolph kept fighting fiercely,

And got his ass kicked,

Until out came Ambrose to

Stop Owens being a prick.

Owens decided to exit,

But when Dean turned round,

Sweet Chin Music put his ass,

Back down on the ground.

So that’s it; Merry Christmas,

Hope you liked this rhyme.

If you didn’t, then fuck you:

This took so much time.

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