Monday Morning Critic – The Hateful Eight and the One Aspect of Quentin Tarantino’s Cinematic Legacy No One Discusses

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It’s Christmas week and the best film week of the year is upon us. The one plus side of more people watching movies during Christmas Day is that Hollywood has adjusted this and it’s now one of the best weekends of the year to watch movies. Mainly because the big Oscar contenders that have substantial budgets are released wide for all to see. Since my family only meets for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day has become one where I can dine on Chinese food after spending an inordinate amount of money on movie tickets.

The most wonderful time of the year … indeed.

And the most wonderful film of the year, at least in terms of excitement for me, is The Hateful Eight. Already haven been leaked online, most likely by Quentin Tarantino himself, the film got a substantial buzz from it because it was really well written. Now, a couple days from the start of a platform release, Tarantino is in line for what should be a strong opening and likely Oscar buzz. He might even secure an Oscar nomination for the film, his third, and QT is arguably the best director without an Oscar win for Direction right now.

He has an Oscar on his mantle for having written Django Unchained and another for Pulp Fiction. He’s had the best career of any of the 1990s independent film darlings, as well, and QT is a filmmaker of note by any stretch of the imagination. Almost every superlative you can think of has to be adorned onto Tarantino’s legacy as a filmmaker. In some circles it’s blasphemy to even point out the negatives of his films, or that his story of being in jail is fake, as QT is almost god-like to a certain portion of the fan base of cinema in the same way that Joss Whedon has conquered the nerd market or Michael Bay has won over the professional bro population.

But you know what no one will ever call him? An artist … an original one, at least. When all is said and done Tarantino is the best tracer in Hollywood history.

As much as he makes great films, and he does, the one thing no one has ever really said the QT is original. He’s not a hack, recycling old material and pushing it on people as new, as QT always does the “homage” bit when questions of his source material come up. When all is said and done he’s going to go down with one of the strongest resumes in film history, if he walks away after his 10th film as he’s said in the past, as his level of quality is fairly strong throughout his career. QT led the wave of independent filmmakers surging to the forefront of Hollywood, inspiring the studio system to take a look at the indie world for talent and inspiration.

He revived the career of John Travolta, turned Christoph Waltz into a two time Oscar winner with two of the best written roles for an actor in the past 30 years and took a number of genres into very interesting & different directions with his takes on them. Tarantino has had a hall of fame career, if film had a true hall of fame to call its own, but it’s not through anything on his own.

Christopher Nolan may have gotten famous by using material written by others, of course, but Inception and Interstellar are proof that his creative juices flow without needing to borrow from other films. It’s why we call him an artist and why we call QT a director; both are brilliant in different ways but Tarantino is the guy who takes what others have done and rewrites it for his own purposes.

He’s cinema’s greatest inker.

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