10 Thoughts on NXT 23rd December 2015 – Sami Zayn, Tye Dillinger, Baron Corbin

JT on NXT logo

1. We kick off with a recap of the awesome NXT Takeover:London, using the perfect musical accompaniment, Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades. If you missed this show, do yourself a favor and check it out.

2. Fan favorites The Vaudvillains are out first, taking on The Hype Bros, Dubstep Cowboys and Jordan & Gable in a fatal four way match. Simon Gotch is dressed as Dr Who, which is pretty funny.

3. Long-ass setup for this match, which suggests we might be in for a filler show tonight. Solid chain wrestling start with English vs Gable, and there could be some good money in Gable vs Gotch if booked right.

4. And this crowd freaking hates Mojo Rawley, which is unfortunate as he seems to be working hard to get over. On the upside, JJ makes the Dubstep Cowboys look like total bitches, which is always amusing.

5. Interview with Baron Corbin after his unlikely win over Apollo Crews at Takeover, and I honestly have no idea who thinks this talentless dickbag makes a compelling protagonist.

6. On the other hand, he isn’t saddled with crappy gimmick like Elias Sampson, so he has that going for him. Aren’t all pro wrestlers drifters, if you think about it? He picks up the win over Bull Dempsey, in the start of a feud literally nobody wants to see.

7. Hey, it’s Tye Dillinger, the perfect 10. Meh. He’s facing a returning Sami Zayn, who seems to be dressed in his casual wear. The crowd loves Zayn, and why the hell not. He is indisputably awesome.

8. Man, could they sell Sami’s arm injury any more? I mean, I get the storytelling thing, but for him to be favoring the arm after one sequence is a little weak… If this is the Zayn match they’re going to book for the next 6 months I’m already bored. He’s back, he’s healthy, can we please move on?

9. Not a bad match overall but Sami definitely needs to get back in ring shape – for a dude who isn’t the WWE archetype he’s definitely looking a little doughy around the middle.

10. Filler episode of NXT saved by the return of Sami Zayn, but I can’t help thinking he might have been left behind with the rise of workers like Finn Balor, Apollo Crews and Samoa Joe.

Either way, NXT in 2016 should be an interesting show to watch..

Happy Xmas and New Year to all Inside Pulse readers.