Blu-Ray Review – Flesh and Bone


Ever wanted to see a lesser quality version of Black Swan mixed with Showgirls and a ton of nudity? Then Flesh and Bone is your type of series.

An eight episode mini-series, Flesh and Bone focuses on Claire (Sarah Hay) and her dance company. Trying to compete with the big dogs of New York City ballet, the show follows her and her friends as they live a complicated life of being ballet dancers, exotic dancers and occasionally prostitutes. Throw in gratuitous nudity, lots of drug use and the complicated world of ballet (and stripping) and you’ve got a terrible show that’s a curious watch.

It’s a lot like watching True Blood was in the beginning; this is camp at its finest and the show at least embraces it early enough that there is no delusions that this is the next Roots type of mini-series. This isn’t a cultural event; this is something you can watch for the sex and nudity without feeling too guilty.

If you ever wanted to see Black Swan but with a Showgirls level camp, and lots of nudity, Flesh and Bone is your jame.

An EPK piece is the only extra included.

Anchor Bay presents Flesh and Bone. Created by Moira Walley-Beckett. Starring Sarah Hay. Run Time: 482 minutes Not Rated . Released on DVD: 1.5.2016

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