WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 12.28.2015: John Cena Returns, Vince McMahon Appears, Roman Reigns, Big Angles for Brooklyn NY Crowd


What’s up for the last Raw of 2015?

WWE has the final Monday Night Raw of 2015, live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY with what should be a red hot crowd.

The event sold out yesterday, with 13,000 tickets sold.

The show will be built around two huge returns to TV.

First, John Cena will be returning to Raw for the first time in nearly two months. Cena was off shooting a reality show for Fox and will now reinsert himself into the picture heading into the Royal Rumble. What will he do on Raw and beyond? This should start that journey with a match against Alberto Del Rio. This gets Cena involved with the League of Nations as well.

In addition, Vince McMahon will be coming back to Raw for the second time this year. A couple weeks ago, Vince was taken out by Roman Reigns via Superman Punch. Vince is sure to address Roman and continue building the McMahons vs. Roman Reigns storyline heading into 2016.

Mr. McMahon will return to Raw tonight, WWE.com has learned.

After being Superman Punched by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume that The Chairman will have a lot on his mind.

Join WWE.com as we look ahead to the action-packed final Raw of 2015.

Roman Reigns will be on the show, and it should be interesting to see how the rabid Brooklyn crowd reacts to him. Will the NY fans cheer the Big Dog? Or will all the work in recent weeks to restore his position as a babyface be thrown to the wolves?

The Diva’s division is starting to solidify around Charlotte as a heel champion, with Becky Lynch as her babyface challenger. Their path continues on Raw as well.

Here is WWE.com’s Five Points Preview:

  1. The Authority strikes back – What does Stephanie have planned next for Reigns, who laid out her husband Triple H and her father, Mr. McMahon, before winning WWE’s most prestigious title last week? And what will Mr. McMahon’s declaration to appear on Raw this Monday mean for The Big Dog?
  2. Will Cena get payback against Del Rio? – Whatever Cena has planned for Del Rio, we can’t wait to see it.
  3. Too little, too late? – Was Charlotte wrong for not putting her friend’s safety first on Tuesday night, or should she be commended for taking care of business in the ring before tending to a personal matter?
  4. Family first – How will The Big Dog and his “family” — including The Usos and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose — keep The League of Nations on the defensive this Monday night
  5. Positive reinforcement – The New Day will still rock on Raw, whether we like it or not.

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