All-New All-Different Marvel Comics’ Squadron Supreme #2 Spoilers & Review: Post Secret Wars 2015 Mysteries For Marvel’s Justice League?

Marvel Comics’ new ongoing All-New All-Different Marvel Squadron Supreme series, under the Avengers family umbrella and penned by James Robinson with pencils by Leonard Kirk, hits issue #2 to close out 2015.

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It is a series with Squadron Supreme members from across the pre-Secret Wars Marvel Multiverse thrown together on this time to protect this Earth. The main Marvel Comics Earth post Secret Wars 2015 heading into 2016.

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The free preview for the issue sets up a mystery for Nighthawk that puts him on a collision course with a mysterious cabal, not Marvel’s The Cabal, as well as some big-time Marvel; heroes. But first, he must battle…. a horse faced alien?!

Oh, and the Squadron Supreme have a secret under water base, really! A fun book despite that grim moment in issue #1 that also adorns the Alex Ross painted cover for issue #2.

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With that out of the way, spoilers and review follow for Squadron Supreme #2!

Before I get back to running Nighthawk plot that is integral to the issue, there are some subplot set-ups worthy of noting.

Hyperion looks to become a truck driver to get more in touch with ‘Merica. He’s being set up to me more accessible and blue collar, despite his massive powers, unlike his inspiration: DC Comics’ Superman and journalist alter ego for his alias Clark Kent.

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Power Princess, the Squadron Supreme’s Wonder Woman analog, but with James Robinson making efforts to make her something more and different, is some kind of tragic vampire tempted to the dark side… sorry, I have Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the brain, by classic Marvel villain Modred the Mystic!

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While it seems James Robinson is trying to make Hyperion and Power Princes different from their DC Comics Justice League inspirations, his Nighthawk seems to be embracing the Dark Knight Detective and gadgeted Batman he’s inspired by.

There are small moments for Blur and Doctor Spectrum, but the big deal involves Nighthawk.

He uncovers some kind of cabal of previously warring aliens secretly aligned with business interests to boot on Earth!

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Nighthawk is following his list that helps him uncover this alliance, which also puts him face-to-face with… the Uncanny Avengers!

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Fun times ahead as the Uncanny Avengers are after the killers of Namor and destroyers of Atlantis… the Squadron Supreme. However, Squadron Supreme #3 doesn’t bode well for the Uncanny Avengers!

Squadron Supreme #3 spoilers

Squadron Supreme #2 was a well written, fast-paced issue with good drama and action, plus solid, emoting art. The Squadron Supreme are a lot more than a dark Justice League in the hands of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk.

Recommended! 8 out of 10.

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