Last Smackdown Of 2015 Reveals Spoilers For 9 Of 30 Entrants For Royal Rumble 2016?

In addition to the Big Show being revealed as one of the 30 participants in 2016’s Royal Rumble match on its Royal Rumble PPV, the TV ad that the WWE has reveals a few more names. It aired on the last WWE Smackdown of 2015.


Royal Rumble 2016 Spoilers follow

Featuring a Greek Olympic type feel with marble Royal Rumble wrestlers evoking gladiators, the following WWE wrestlers are featured (in reverse order of appearance):

Dean Ambrose
Alberto Del Rio
John Cena
Brock Lesnar
Roman Reigns

With the Big Show formally announced that’s 9 of 30 entrants… possibly.

The ad specifically focusses on the 30 man Royal Rumble match. So, Roman Reigns being featured is curious from a match perspective as he is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, if he loses his match on the PPV he could enter the Royal Rumble. Match and logic aside, featuring Reigns alongside Lesnar and Cena makes sense as they are the big draw triumverate for WWE currently.

The Royal Rumble TV ad may have been seen on this past Monday Night Raw, but I’m first seeing it on this week’s Smackdown.