10 Thoughts On… Monday Night Raw 01.04.2015 (Usos vs. League of Nations, Sheamus vs. Reigns, Neville vs. Owens )


1) if WWE really want to get Reigns over, just let him come out and destroy fools. Making him chat to Steph does nothing for him or the viewing audience. Oh, and what the hell has happened to Stephs eyes? Did she get a Botox gift pack for Christmas?

2) Neville vs Owens was an excellent choice to kick off the new year, with both men working their asses off and telling a believable story. The always entertaining Dean Ambrose added another layer to his character with some witty commentary and a sweet elbow through the announce table. Why do I get the feeling the show can only go down hill from here?

3) Titus vs Stardust was decent but not remarkable, but it was better than the backstage interaction between Becky and the Nature Boy/Girl. I can’t believe how bad Raw is with dealing with female wrestlers. Stay in NXT, Bayley, lest the main show crush your indomitable spirit…

4) Once they got in the ring Charlotte vs Becky was entertaining – as you’d expect from two talented performers, and it was good to see Lynch pick up the win. Flair senior still doesn’t add much to the proceedings for me.

5) Hey, it’s Ryback vs Big Show! Time for 30x speed! And now the Wyatt family are here for some reason, and I still don’t care!

6) Usos vs League of Nations was designed to make the League look strong, but there’s not a lot they can do to make Rusev and Del Rio seem interesting.

7) So Heath Slater has a gang of losers backing him up now? That’s intimidating. The match with Ziggler wasn’t too bad, but I’m just not that interested in either of these guys at this point. New JOB Squad for the win.

8) The New Day come out and make fun of Mike Tyson, before being interrupted by a returning Chris Jericho. The vest without a shirt isn’t a good look, dude. You can still rock a mic, though.

9) Six man tag was what it was, and it will be interesting to see how Kalisto fares without Sin Cara by his side.

10) Sheamus vs Reigns was about as good as could be expected, with standard special guest referee shenanigans from Vince. I do think Roman is getting better in the ring, I’m just not sure that Sheamus and Vince vs Austin version 16 is really what he needs to get over. Overall a better than average episode of Raw, although three hours is still too freaking long for a wrestling show.

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