10 Thoughts on F is for Family – F is for Halloween

I’m not entirely sure what the title of this episode is supposed to mean, other than it’s the Halloween episode. There’s not a single ‘F’ in Halloween! Silly Bill Burr. Anyway, this was, indeed, the Halloween episode. It’s also an exceptionally stressful time for the entire family. Everyone is dealing with their own conflicts and insecurities in a very public, very damaging way. Frank has just been awarded some sort of prize for merit at work, but now has to deal with an unruly department threatening to go on strike. Sue wins an answering machine for being the best salesperson for Plast-a-ware and is offered a part time job, even though Frank isn’t too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Kevin is trying his damnedest to study and Bill deals with a malicious bully.

Here are some thoughts.


1. “The Waffler” is way too gruesome

This show has a habit of opening with the kids or Frank watching TV, usually with some bizarre 70’s weirdness going on. This time, the kids were watching what was clearly an R-rated movie called “The Waffler.” Which, as far as I could tell, was a Frankenstein-ish monster running around killing people with a waffle iron. And then eating their heads. It was probably not something the kids should be watching, and it was actually a clever little scene the writers threw in there. I think most people can relate to being a kid and seeing something on TV you weren’t supposed to see. For me, it was Stephen King’s IT. Circuses were not fun for me after that.

2. Vic’s dick

Sue’s boss visits the house to bring over a prize for her, which turns out to be what is maybe the very first answering machine model. As Sue is seeing her out the door, Vic comes out and leans against the fence to say hi. As it turns out, Sue’s boss slept with Vic when he was in high school. And as they’re talking, we are treated to a very graphic outline below Vic’s waist, which he casually rests on top of the fence. Looks like Vic has everything, including a, uhm, large endowment.

3. There’s professional jealousy brewing in the Murphy household

When Frank arrives home, he’s in maybe the best mood we’ve seen him in so far. He’s just been awarded a pin that recognizes his hard work at the airport. But as it turns out, this is the same day that Sue has been awarded a prize for being top salesperson. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the conflict that follows in this episode is due to some angst on the part of Frank at being upstaged.

4. Kevin is following through… sort of

For the first part of the episode, we see Kevin complaining that he can’t concentrate on his schoolwork, and keeps moving from place to place trying to get some peace. Eventually, he decides to go to the library to find out who was the president who served the shortest term (William Henry Harrison, duh), but is sidetracked by his friends who are getting high by smoking out of a pumpkin on the roof and throwing eggs at passerby.


5. Does Frank have a good relationship with any woman other than his wife?

I feel like every time we see Frank interacting with a woman, she gives him some sort of back handed comment. Sue’s boss clearly does not like him, and actively encourages Sue to take the part time job against Frank’s wishes. I don’t know what it is, but women other than Sue seem to really dislike him.

6. Jimmy is the worst kind of bully

That is, the kind that are so insecure about their lives that they have to beat the shit out of physically weaker people just to feel good about themselves. The “costume” he’s wearing is actually his Sunday best (from the Johnny Carson collection). Why he’s wearing his Sunday best on Halloween is unclear. But when he hears Bill and his friend are dressing up for Halloween, he decides he’s not going to stand for it. He tells the kids that if he sees them in costumes out on the street, he’s going to beat the shit out of them. And then when Bill defies him, Jimmy is waiting just outside his house and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. There’s no resolution to this story, by the way. Bill gets beat up, he escapes, and that’s the end of his arc. Harsh.

7. This episode had the funniest joke so far

Frank realizes the answering machine recorded his conversation with Sue’s boss in which he turned down her job offer on her behalf. Something he definitely doesn’t want her to know about. So he runs out into the parking lot, where a little boy is standing by himself. “Can you help me? I can’t find my mommy,” he asks Frank. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!” Frank screams at him, pushing him to the ground. I had to pause the episode I was laughing so hard.

8. Sue is very, very mad

After she finds out Frank went behind her back, Sue takes the car and peaces out. Which leaves Frank thinking that she’s left him. So he brings Maureen (in her Mr. Coconut outfit) out looking for his wife. He eventually finds her at the batting cages, where she has paid for 300 pitches she’s so angry. But Frank is able to talk to her and apologize, which defuses her anger. She agrees to come home after a few more pitches, and they leave content, if with a slightly different relationship.


9. Maureen’s costumes are hilarious

They consisted of Hitler, Jesus, Hitler Jesus, and Mr. Coconut. Personally, I think she should have gone with Hitler Jesus.

10. Things are about to change in the Murphy home

Frank is no longer going to be the only breadwinner, Kevin is working on fixing his grades, Bill has a new and vicious bully, and Sue is about to begin a new chapter of her life. Looks like the last two episodes of the first season are going to see a shake up.

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