CB’s Slant: 10 WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions for Results You Have to Read to Believe

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! It’s been a little while since I wrote a column in this space, but the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble is just weeks away, as is the Road to WrestleMania XXXII.

So, without further ado, kick back, relax, and enjoy my 10 WWE Royal Rumble predictions you have to read to believe:

1. The Truth About Entrant 31: R-Truth comes out, throws the Royal Rumble winner out of the ring, and celebrates like he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Confetti drops down, R-Truth’s music plays, but then the winner climbs back in and says, “Truth, you weren’t even in the match!” Truth responds, “I wasn’t?” The Champion says, “No!” and R-Truth says, “That’s on me. Sorry. My Bad. He then gives the belt to the winner and leaves the ring.

2. Royal Rumble is Jericho … Heel Turn: Chris Jericho plays the baby face for a little while, but then things turn when Dean Ambrose enters the Rumble. Jericho pretends to work with Ambrose, and then suddenly he blindsides him, beats the Hell out of him, and throws him out of the ring. Last time we saw Jericho, he did shove Ambrose, and he’s been waiting for the right moment to get his revenge.

3. Daniel Bryan’s music hits… …and then Triple H comes at as Entrant #30, eliminates Reigns and wins the Rumble. He does mock YES! Chants, but as confetti comes down, THE REAL DANIEL BRYAN comes out, lays out Triple H, and celebrates with the title.

4. Phenomenal Debut: AJ Styles makes his WWE debut at The Royal Rumble, and finishes in the Top 4.

5. If they really want storyline continuity and a surprise winner… …Bray Wyatt wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, because “ANYONE BUT YOU ROMAN, ANYONE … BUT … YOU!” This would also solidify the Wyatts as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and give Wyatt the huge win he’s been lacking.

6. Brock Lesnar gets eliminated… …by Kalisto!!!!

7. #HITSLATERSMUSIC #SOCIALOUTCAST: Heath Slater finished EIGHTH in Superstar of the Year Slammy voting. Backed by his new friends, look for Heath to make a splash in the early part of the Rumble.

8. THE STREAK CONTINUES: Curtis Axel will try to enter the Royal Rumble, but will end up purposely not entering so he can keep THE STREAK alive. He will give his spot to one of his Social Outcast friends, and then brag about not being eliminated for the second year in a row.

9. If they REALLY want to SHAKE THINGS UP: Finn Balor comes in, and one by one throughout the match, members of the Bullet Club are entered into the match. By the end, the “Balor Club” outnumbers everyone, and Finn wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, sparking a new era for the main roster.

10. Talk Owens Talk! Kevin Owens dominates early and cuts CM Punk-like promos.

So, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will any of the above happen, or will we be left shaking our heads at another boring Roman Reigns coronation at the end of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble?

Sound off in the comments section below, and let’s discuss!

That’s all from ME – CB.

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