Jim Ross Blog: John Cena Injury, Undertaker/Wrestlemania 32 Speculation, Shinsuke Nakamura, Review of Mauro Ranallo on his first Smackdown


Jim Ross had a new blog for the weekend, here are some highlights.

on John Cena
Not surprising to get a succinct, positive text message response from the injured John Cena, the WWE’s top star whose availability at Wrestlemania Texas is obviously in doubt. Luckily for WWE, they had not yet pulled the trigger on Cena’s Wrestlemania Texas opponent which helps WWE move forward without John. The good news is that once WWE books the WM32 card they can begin establishing their stories that lead to AT&T Stadium on April 3. For those wondering, there is PLENTY of time to get a handful of talents HOT and ready to perform before what I still believe will be over 100,000+ fans. Today’s short attention span society that comprise many wrestling fans will participate in a compelling series of stories leading into ‘Mania likely more compatibly than previous generations as it relates to a shorter than ideal timeline to build a card.

on Who wrestles Taker at WM32
Who wrestles Taker at WM32 is a question that I’m getting a lot. First of all, I have no idea. Secondly, someone can be made ready between now and April 3 for Taker especially if the opportunity exists to put the Deadman in jeopardy. Perhaps, and this is merely one of many ideas that one can come up with, Luke Harper, with the Wyatt Family, would give the Undertaker a quality match and no matter the outcome Harper would be better because of the booking. I could see the Wyatt Family, lead by Harper , turning on Bray Wyatt, who could then get the ‘rub’ from Taker to become a long overdue, in my opinion, character baby face.

on Shinsuke Nakamura
Shinsuke Nakamura is a hugely gifted resource that WWE is getting and has the natural charisma and ‘IT Factor” that promotions are always seeking. I hope that age old stereotype of how Japanese wrestlers are presented in America is broken as it relates to this talent who can, by the way, speak English. I sung Nakamura, and others including AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson’s praises when I returned from broadcasting Wrestle Kingdom 9 last year to WWE honchos. I believe in these four talents and if they are used strategically and if they come in as ‘main eventers’ WWE may have made themselves four, new main event talents.

on Mauro Ranallo on his first Smackdown
Enjoyed Mauro Ranallo on his first Smackdown broadcast this week and thought Jerry Lawler’s edgier presentation was a positive step for the sound of the show, too. It’s fun reading all he Twitter feedback regarding Mauro’s work and fans comparing his style to mine as if I were deceased. Mauro’s work deserves to stand on its own. He’s that good.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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