Batman / Superman #28 Spoilers & Review: Major Cliffhanger Shakes Up DC Comics! Seeding Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?!

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Writer Tom Taylor, a fan dave darling for his work on the best selling Injustice digital comic book based on the popular video game, has two debut issues this week: Green Lantern Corps – The Edge of Oblivion #1 (of 6) and Batman / Superman #28 where he tells a big tale set in the past of the DC Comics New 52 / DC You.

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Spoilers & review Follow for Batman / Superman #28!

We know that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is the big comic book movie from DC Comics coming up among a string of DC Comics related films. The end of Batman / Superman #28 had me wondering whether this is the book that will work to integrate some of the newer concepts from the film; seeding ideas so that there are some more similarities between the properties.

The book starts off with a murder mystery on the moon!

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Superman needs Batman’s help to solve this one. And, he quickly discovers it was a murder, but not how it appears from the body’s position.

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Lobo seems to be the mix too; patsy or not is unclear. It is interesting that writer Tom Taylor is picking up Lobo after writer Cullen Bunn worked on his series on the same week he also takes over writer Cullen Bunn’s major plot points from Green Lantern: The Lost Army mini-series in the pages of Green Lantern Corps: The Edge of Oblivion #1. Interesting. I love both writers and hope read more from both at DC Comics.

Anyhow Superman notices something the giant corpse’s hand. Perhaps she’s related to Relic who is larger than life, has tangled with the Green Lantern Corps in the both the present and the universe before ours in Lost Army.

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There’s a message for Superman in Kryptonian foretelling a….

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….Lost Kryptonian? Since this post Convergence, could this be the introduction of a brand new Supergirl? She hasn’t had her own series in some time and DC Comics did the same with her in Superman / Batman years ago; then an unexplained reboot of Supergirl whereas now it could be explained in the post Convergence era.

However, it would be more interesting if this Lost Kryptonian was someone other than Supergirl, Krypton or a new Superboy (Kon-el remains in Teen Titans afterall), but something or someone new. Perhaps a Kryptonian from the universe before ours? Something else tied to the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film?

Who do you think is or should be the Lost Kryptonian?

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