Vince Russo Reveals Details of his Secret TNA Consultancy, Pay, Contact, More

– Vince Russo spoke on his Nuclear Heat podcast about his time working as a secret consultant for TNA at the end of the company’s run on Spike TV. Check out the video and highlights below:

On contacting TNA after Eric Bischoff left the company: “I called Dixie Carter, she put in a call to John Gaburick, he contacted me and we worked out the arrangements for me to be a consultant, but nobody could know. I was never told why. I was told by Gaburick, it’s the way Dixie wanted it. I went to TNA as a consultant for $2,000 a month.”

On getting released after a wrestling reporter was CC’d on an email from him about his work for TNA: “The second it broke and I accidentally sent that email and it was exposed, that was Gaburick’s opportunity. He did it the next day. ‘This was supposed to be a secret, it got let out, we gotta let you go.’”

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