Green Lantern #48 & Telos #4 Spoilers, Review & The Coming Of DC Comics’ Parallax?!

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As a result of the end of DC Comics’ Convergence event in the Spring of 2015 a handful of pre-Flashpoint DC Comics heroes now exist in the current DC New 52 multiverse. Those heroes were revealed in the pages of Convergence #8 as seen below.

Convergence #8 Spoilers 5

Convergence #8 Spoilers 6

Those heroes include:

  • The post Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman, his wife Lois Lane, and their son born during Convergence Jonathan Samuel Kent;
  • The pre Zero Hour (I believe) Parallax;
  • The pre Crisis on Infinite Earths Supergirl; and
  • The pre Crisis on Infinite Earths Flash (Barry Allen).

It is likely that Supergirl and the Flash met their fated deaths in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 Supergirl RIP

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 Flash Barry Allen RIP

They may or may not have perished, but we do know that the post Crisis Superman and his family are featured in an 8 issue mini-series called Superman: Lois and Clark and that this classic Superman will meet DC Comics’ current Superman soon.

Superman #50

And, we also know that Parallax is set to tangle with the DC Comics current Green Lantern, in his ongoing seriesm and with Telos, in his 6 issue mini-series.

SPOILERS follow for Green Lantern #48.

Parallax, the Zero Hour era’s Hal Jordan, pops up in Green Lantern #48!

Green Lantern #48 spoilers Parallax 1

He is after the current Green Lantern as he’s disappointed about his status quo, his sector’s status quo, and the GLC’s status quo.

Green Lantern #48 spoilers Parallax 2

Green Lantern #48 spoilers Parallax 3

Green Lantern #48 spoilers Parallax 4

It’s a more meaningful appearance than the teased James Gordan / Batman meeting seen on the cover.

Green Lantern #48 spoilers Parallax 5

SPOILERS follow for Telos #4

We also know that Parallax is coming to or for Telos too. Did he pop up in Telos #4 which shipped the same week as Green Lantern #48?

Telos #4 with logo

No, he didn’t.

However, Telos #4 featured the conclusion to Telos’ battle with Brainiac and Computo.

Telos #4 spoilers A

Telos #4 spoilers B

Telos #4 last page

Telos as a character shows promise; he’s a repackaged Arak as was revealed earlier.

Telos #2 Spoilers Arak DC Comics 2

Telos #2 Spoilers Arak DC Comics 3

Arak Son of Thunder DC Comics Who's Who

Despite his no-show in Telos #4, Parallax does feature prominently on the next two, and final, covers for the Telos mini-series.

Telos #5 cover no logo

Telos #6

I’m looking forward to more Parallax in this DC universe! Mixed reads in Green Lantern #48 and Telos #4, 6 stars for each, but hopefully the coming months bode well for Parallax, but perhaps not such much for folks around him.

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