Pull List Roundtable 1/20/2016 – Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1, Captain Marvel #1, Devolution #1, American Monster #1 & More (Spoilers)

John Babos

  • Batman #48 – The march to Batman #50 and the heroic return of Bruce Wayne continues. Plus a new Batman costume is coming too.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #16 – With the end of Robin War #2, will the Court of Owls play a larger role in this series?
  • Sinestro #19 – They’re protecting Earth in the absence of the GLC in Edge of Oblivion. What could possibly go wrong? One of the best DC Comics on stands.
  • Superman / Wonder Woman #25 – Is the teased split coming?
  • Titans Hunt #4 – The secret history of the Titans continues. Inconsistent art, but solid story.
  • Wonder Woman #48 – The march to Wonder Woman #50 continues.
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #3 – The epic journey of a dead-undead-immortal continues. A strong series from Valiant.

Matt Graham

  • Tokyo Ghost #5 – Rick Remender and Sean Murphy threw William Gibson and AD 2000 concepts in a blender and came up with a winner.
  • Judge Dredd #2 – He is the law.
  • Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life #1 – Hoping to see some Gotham City Sirens magic.
  • Captain Marvel #1 -My favourite non-mutant character in Marvel and a fresh premise. After the hints in Secret Wars and teases in Spider-Woman, I want a good look at this new Alpha Flight.
  • Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2 – The first issue was not what I expected, but I want to see where its going. Brittney Williams illustrates a wonderful world and take on Marvel, and I hope the writing catches up to match.
  • Silver Surfer #1 – Mainly in this for the Marco Rudy cover, but what I’ve heard of the title sounds fantastic.
  • Uncanny X-Men #2 – Last issue was a good pilot. Between Uncanny and All-New, I realized Extraordinary is just a bad book. Uncanny had a nice knock on the Extraordinary pitch and presents similar hooks and questions with better pacing, stakes, and characterization.

Mike Maillaro

  • DEVOLUTION #1 – Rick Remender’s got a new series for Dynamite! I’ve said before that Dynamite has been putting out a lot of cool new books, so I tend to give most of them a shot (especially since Dynamite tends to be very generous with the review copies). And I typically enjoy Remender’s work, he always seems to get a bad rap as far as I’m concerned. Here’s the solicit: “Every living creature on Earth has been devolved – the evolutionary clock turned back, reverting all life to odd mutations and prehistoric incarnations. The cities of man are little more than bloody territories ruthlessly dominated by tribal Neanderthals ruling from the backs of mammoths, packs of saber-toothed tigers, and giant man-eating insects. Writer Rick Remender (Black Science, Fear Agent), artist Jon Wayshak (The Authority), and colorist Jordan Boyd (Ant-Man, Planet Hulk) take you on a journey with the last band of “Still Sapien” humans in the hope of locating an antidote and re-evolving the human race.”
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 – I have been of Carol Danvers for a while. I did think Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first volume was a little slow at times, but I did enjoy her second volume. Like Matt said, I am really curious about this new Alpha Flight, and I think Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas have a lot to bring to the table here. Agent Carter was one of my favorite shows last year. Definitely looking forward to this one!
  • PATSY WALKER AKA HELLCAT #2 – I almost passed up on the first issue, but I liked what they did with her in She-Hulk, so I figured why not. I am glad I did. Patsy Walker is a real fun comic. She’s trying to help people with super powers find suitable jobs. It’s a real quirky concept with a great art style. In a lot of ways, this is exactly the book I was hoping Squirrel Girl would be.
  • SILVER SURFER #1 – Slott and Allred make a great team. Silver Surfer was my first favorite comic book character, and this is probably the best creative team on the character since Jim Starlin and Ron Lim. I did think that this series did get a little overrated at times, but I love these guys and Surfer, so I would be reading it pretty much no matter what.
  • ASTRO CITY #31 – It sounds like this issue is a major turning point for Honor Guard. They fight a being called the Living Nightmare who brings a lot of their secrets out into the open. A lot of the characters are supposed to get new costumes too. It’s great that Astro City still is producing awesome stories all these years later. And it’s been great to actually get issues basically every month for close to three years straight.
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #16 – I’ve been really enjoying this series, but it is killing me how slowly they are playing out the thread that one of the Robins might have been built by a mysterious being called Mother. Not in a bad way, it’s an effective cliffhanger and there has been plenty of great stuff in this series to keep me interested. I am really thinking it has to be Jason Todd. Tim Drake’s backstory is enough of a mess, and no one else would have much of an impact.
  • UNCANNY X-MEN #2 – Cullen Bunn and Greg Land managed to put out one of the best first issues I’ve read in a long time. I am not sure there was a lot of demand to bring back the Dark Riders, but I am real curious where they will take this book. Definitely the best of the X-Books so far.
  • SINESTRO #19 – Here’s that Cullen Bunn guy again. He really gets around. Last issue, in order to try and stop the emotion-sucking Pale Bishop, Sinestro dispatched Yellow Rings all over the planet. This new massive Sinestro Corps seems like a hell of a force to be reckoned with.
  • GI JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #224 – It’s kind of weird that the only GI Joe comic we have these days is Larry Hama’s continuation of the old school Marvel series. I actually miss the Image/Devil’s Due continuity we got a few years back. But Hama is still putting out some great GI Joe stories after all these years. Cobra World Order has been a huge much needed jolt to the series.
  • SYMMETRY #2 – I am not quite sure exactly what was going on in the first issue here, but there was a lot of real cool things going on, so I’m willing to stick around to piece it all together. I typically get annoyed when I finish a first issue and have no idea what the series is about, but Symmetry fascinated me far more than it frustrated me.

John Babos: re: GI Joe, I very much enjoyed the various Cobra series from IDW and even the x-overs like Cobra Civil War and the debut of the new head of Cobra. So sad that continuity is over. I didn’t think Larry Hama’s alternate Marvel continuity was a big seller.

James Fulton

  • American Monster #1 – I haven’t read any of Aftershock’s titles, because while many of them sound good, they don’t necessarily sound $4 good. This one, however, is written by Brian Azzarello, and has art by Juan Doe. Both of these names are enough to get me interested in a comic on their own, so together? Guaranteed sale.
  • Captain Marvel #1 – I would have passed this series over completely were it not for the Alpha Flight connection. I don’t get excited when TV writers transfer over to comics, especially when I’ve never seen the show they are known for. I like Kris Anka’s art a lot, but he’s not exactly a must-buy for me yet. I like Carol Danvers, but never really clicked with either of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s series. I am, however, an Alpha Flight fan going back to my earliest comics-reading days, and I really don’t understand the role the organization plays in the ANAD universe. I think they are like SWORD, but am not sure. I do know that some of the real Alpha Flight characters have been showing up in Spider-Woman and Ultimates, connected to this title, and that has me curious.
  • Devolution #1 – No one writes first issues like Rick Remender, so I feel the need to check this out, despite the fact that Dynamite Entertainment’s output is usually not my thing. I’ve always felt that this company spends more time thinking about their variant cover program than they do their actual content.
  • Imperium #12 – I think Imperium might be my favourite Valiant title lately, so I’m always happy to see a new issue written by Josh Dysart. This is a very complex book, and he manages to do something cool in every issue.
  • Nowhere Men #7 – Nowhere Men was an interesting title – a take on celebrity scientists that felt very fresh, and then it just stopped coming out. Writer (and Image publisher) Eric Stephenson has promised that the scheduling issues have all been worked out, and his excellent They’re Not Like Us has been pretty regular, so I’m excited to see this series come back.

Phil Allen

A big DC week for me!

  • Poison Ivy: The Cycle of Life And Death #1 – Not a series I was expecting but am excited for! I’ve always had a soft spot for Ivy (probably thanks to Batman: The Animated Series) so maybe it’s the nostalgia speaking, but this should be a good one!
  • Captain Marvel #1 – As a new creative team takes over, Carol Danvers faces her toughest challenge yet! I started reading Captain Marvel with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first series (also one of the first series that started me reading Marvel regularly) so it’s a little hard to imagine Carol without Kelly Sue.
  • Deadpool #6 – or Deadpool 2099!
  • American Monster #1 – Since his run ended on Wonder Woman, I’ve been waiting for Brian Azzarello to come back in a major way. I know he’s been working on DKIII too, but this is the first writing work that’s solely his I’ve been looking forward to. Also, this will be my first ‘Aftershock’ book, so I’m looking forward to that too.
  • Harley Quinn #24 – Harley vs. the rest of Arkham! And her reunion with a certain smiling boyfriend?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #6 – The third mini-series conclusion! I have yet to read the first two, but hopefully there will be more coming soon!
  • Star Wars #15 – Another tale from the journals of Obi-Wan! More about Kenobi’s time “watching over” Luke, despite what Uncle Owen may have to say about it.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batman #48
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #16
  • Doctor Fate #8
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year Five #2
  • Martian Manhunter #8
  • Ms. Marvel #3
  • Robin: Son of Batman #8
  • The Spirit #7
  • Tokyo Ghost #5
  • Wayward #13

Paul Miranda

    Edgar Allan Poe is billed as the writer. Has he risen from his grave?? The original story has never been done in graphic novel style. But seriously, who’s the author of this adaptation?? Is it all verbatim?
  • JUST ANOTHER SHEEP #3 (of 5)
    Aftershock Comics continue to rumble!! Brian Azzarello and Juan Doe bring to us a modern interpretation of Frankenstein’s creature.
  • BATGIRL #47
  • BATMAN #48
  • BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL #16 (of 26)
  • DKIII: the MASTER RACE Collector’s Ed. #2 (of 8)
  • POISON IVY: CYCLE of LIFE and DEATH #1 (of 6)
    Notice a theme here? The grouping is not coincidental. It’s great to see BG back on the shelves. I’m at a loss as to why there was a delay. Pamela Isley gets her own mini!!! The art by Clay Mann is catchy! Plus, I always enjoy empowered females. Thank you, Amy Chu
  • DR. FATE #8
  • SECRET SIX #10
  • UNFOLLOW #1 Special Edition
    The first two issues bundled for one affordable price. The heat on this title is ever increasing especially since a TV series has been optioned. It cannot be more reflective of the Social Media Age.
    Death Ray Graphics (in reality Jason Yungbluth) releases another indie creator-owned one-shot. I hope my local comic shop will carry this because my Spidey senses tell me this will be extremely limited making it rarer than a blood diamond.
    This one-shot reprints the two-part crossover from 2008, which I own I don’t mind buying a new printing. Let’s hope this is a pre-cursor to newer adventures for Devi.
  • DR. STRANGE #3
  • STAR WARS #15
    Keep putting aside those singles or loonies (if you’re Canadian :-P). Seriously, aside from the very low price, these may prove to be worth than you realize in the near future!!
  • CRUISING through the LOUVRE
    I’ll toot my horn a bit. I’m doubly blessed to being a teacher with a French major and English major. I get to satisfy the best of both worlds!! Case in point, the first two books by NBM. I was fortunate enough to visit the City of Light five times. The world’s most renown museum never ceases to impress. Mr. Wilde was known for his acerbic wit. I live by several of my own mottoes, one of them being words are weapons. This intrigues me. The third offering is insight but will bring about controversy. Bring it on!!
  • ABSENT CAPTAIN #2 (of 12)
  • GRADUATE #2 (of 6)
    Overground Comics adds two more titles to the mix. I want my grubby little paws all over the number ones. The sophomore titles are just as appealing wink emoticon
    Red Anvil Comics finally publishes its exclusive online book.
  • MAN PLUS #1 (of 4)
    My compatriot André Lima Araújo goes all out and on his own!! I want to support my homeboy! Portugal, represent!!
  • CARVER: a PARIS STORY #2 (of 5)


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