Throwback Thursday: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 (Sheamus vs. Randy Orton, The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio)

With the Royal Rumble this week I wanted to look back at a Rumble from a few years back. In Royal Rumble 2010 we saw one entrant that was truly a surprise win it all. However, despite the huge implications of a Royal Rumble Match there are always other, major matches on the card of every Royal Rumble. So, I’m going to look back at each match, including the Royal Rumble from 2010 as I look back nearly six years later.

Royal Rumble 2010

Location: Atlanta, Georgia in the Phillips Arena.

ECW Championship Match: Christian (Champion) v. Ezekiel Jackson (with William Regal)

Introducing first, current ECW champion, Christian. Then Ezekiel Jackson comes to the ring with William Regal. Jackson won a Battle Royal to be in this match.

Jackson comes out with a show of power, shoving Christian into the corner. However, Christian comes right back up to continue the match, showing no fear and using his skill and speed to battle against his 80+ pound larger opponent.

Jackson mouthed off and Christian smacked him across the face. Jackson lunged for Christian and Christian slid quickly out and back in the ring, Jackson climbed back onto the apron only to me drop kicked off the apron. Christian quickly climbed the turnbuckle and launched his body onto Jackson.

Jackson continued to use his power and size. Regal, attempting to go after Christian, was ejected from ringside. Jackson threw Christian into the steps, Christian hitting his head on the ring steps. Jackson was back in control then, slamming Christian around the ring.

Jackson did well without Regal at ringside but Christian, in the end, always fought out. Despite power moves and moments that looked like the challenger would win in the end it was Christian’s skill and resilience that helped him the most. Christian hit the Killswitch finisher and retained his championship.

Maybe it’s my soft spot for Christian but this match made me happy, seeing a veteran like Christian work well with a younger talent.

Winner: Christian (retains title)


I found nothing entertaining about Shad, JTG, The Great Khali and Miz messing with Teddy Long. The only important part was that Teddy Long announced the Miz would defend his U.S. Championship next against MVP.

The camera’s cut away to Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes. Cody approaches Randy to talk about the Legacy and to promise he will “be there” for Orton throughout the night. Rhodes said that Ted Dibiase Jr. may not be the same, loyal, member of Legacy as he used to be. Cody says Ted has been talking about beating Orton for the WWE Championship.

United States Championship Match: The Miz (Champion) v. MVP

The Miz comes out with his title, looking upset with the decision to defend his title before the Royal Rumble match. MVP came out next, hyped up with his usual bravado. During both entrances you could hear cheers and boos. Looking back, I wasn’t huge fans of either of these competitors at this time so, essentially, this match was for me an afterthought then and now as I look back.

The match started out fast with MVP going for quick pin falls. Miz kicked out every time and treated MVP with a boot to the face. Still, MVP came back, hitting suplexes, clotheslines and slams on the Miz. MVP continued to stay on top of Miz, not letting him catch his breath. However, Miz kicked MVP off the apron and MVP hit his head on the announce table.

Miz came over and continued the attack. The attack continued back in the ring. Miz climbed the top rope, waiting for MVP to stand. Once he did Miz launched off, bringing his fists down onto MVP’s back and knocking him back to the mat. Miz put MVP in a submission hold, keeping his hands locked. Finally MVP was able to battle back and build some momentum. MVP went for the Playmaker, Miz countered only to be kicked in the face. MVP got a near fall but Miz rolled under the ropes to catch his breath.

Grabbing MVP Miz drove him down on top of the ropes before rolling back in. MVP came back with a shoulder block. MVP went for a few quick falls, using backslides, small packages, etc. to try and pin Miz. In the end, Miz used a quick cover maneuver to retain his title. When Miz went to brag in MVP’s face MVP hit the Playmaker finisher. It didn’t change the fact that Miz run the match but MVP walked out, angry but at least on his feet.

Winner: The Miz (retains title)

Big Show and Chris Jericho meet in the hallway. Big Show says Jericho is jealous because The Miz and Show made a better tag team. Jericho says he’s not jealous, he says he feels sorry for Big Show. Jericho says Miz is using the Big Show, Big Show said Jericho did the same thing to him.

Jericho said that he knows if it comes down to the Miz, Big Show and himself he knows Big Show will show his true loyalty. Big Show chucked and said if it came down to that he’d through both of them (Jericho and Miz) out.

R-Truth appeared and said “If he don’t, I will.” Jericho and R-Truth stare down and R-Truth says it’s “every man for himself and that’s the truth.” Truth laughed as Jericho stalked off.

The cameras cut to Ted DiBiase wishing Randy luck for the night. Ted says he doesn’t know where Cody is and then says Cody has been talking about winning the Rumble and winning the title at Wrestlemania.

Orton says he’s going to take back the WWE Championship and that he doesn’t want either DiBiase or Rhodes’ help.


WWE Championship Match: Sheamus (Champion) v. Randy Orton

Sheamus entered the ring first and the video playback of two weeks ago showed Sheamus sneak attacking Orton after a match on Raw. Orton entered next and I have to say both of these guys were taken a bit more seriously back then, despite the fact that booking was pretty terrible at this time. Orton received a bigger pop (one that I agree with given his consistent work in and out of the ring). Sheamus was much more tolerable back in 2010 though. The playback showed that the week before Orton sneak attacked Sheamus mid match to return the favor for Sheamus’ attack.

The match starts off with a stare down, Orton doing his classic “quiet but deadly” look. Sheamus doesn’t look scared or concerned as the fans chant for Orton. They lock up and immediately the quickness, speed and strength shows from both competitors.

The two go back and forth with who is in control. Sheamus uses his power to toss Orton into the turnbuckle before driving his own shoulder into Orton’s ribs repeatedly. Orton would fight back but Sheamus continued to use his power to attack Orton’s left arm. The battle went back and forth and finally Orton was able to send Sheamus to the outside and work on recovering inside the ring.

Orton grabs Sheamus off the ring apron and hits him with the DDT off the ropes. Orton goes for the pin but Sheamus grabs the ropes to stop the count.

Orton looks down at Sheamus and began to size up Sheamus. He is about to punt Sheamus in the head when Sheamus rolled out of the ring. Orton followed Shamus and gets a good uppercut in before Sheamus throws Orton into the turnbuckle.

Cody Rhodes comes out through the crowd and hits Sheamus. Orton hits the RKO and goes for the pin but the official calls for the bell without counting. It is announced that because the referee saw the attack on Sheamus Orton is disqualified. Rhodes tentatively gets in the ring, trying to explain himself. The crowd calls for the RKO. Orton smacks Cody across the face and takes him down to the mat, attacking him. Ted DiBiase comes out to pull Orton off and break up the fight. Orton attacks DiBiase as well, shouting at his two protégés.

Orton turns around and is hit with a big boot from Sheamus. Orton, DiBiase and Rhodes are in the ring, beaten down while Sheamus leaves with the title, arms raised in victory. Rhodes and DiBiase leave next, with Orton in the ring, nursing his jaw.

Winner: Sheamus (retains title)

Women’s Championship Match: Michelle McCool (Champion) v. Mickie James

The promo showing Michele McCool and Layla’s recent torturing of Mickie James. McCool comes out with her title, looking haughty and grabbing the mic. She goes on to mock Mickie’s weight saying she’s nowhere to be found and if she was there “you couldn’t miss her.”

Layla comes out in the fat suit and mocks Mickie some more. However, Mickie’s music hit and she ran out, going right through Layla and into the ring to attack McCool. McCool played her part well, looking scared.

When Layla tried to interfere McCool tried to boot James, only to accidentally boot Layla off the apron instead. Mickie hits the huge DDT and picks up the pin fall. This match was the right ending but done horribly. Given the torture and emotions in this match it should’ve been a longer match.

While Layla went to check on McCool Mickie kicked Layla into the face, knocking her (fat suit and all) onto McCool.

With McCool and Layla down the other Divas in the back brought out a huge cake to celebrate. The cake was then shoved into the faces of McCool and Layla. While this was funny it was also a huge waste of time. The Women’s division was given, all told, approximately 10 minutes on this pay per view (including their promo, the match and the post-match stupidity.)

Yes, Mickie was the one to win this match as the face and crowd favorite but still…a terrible job.

Winner: Mickie James (New Women’s Champion)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker (Champion) v. Rey Mysterio

The promo before the match showed the battle between Rey and Dave Batista to become the number one contender for The Undertaker’s title. The Undertaker promised to cause suffering to Mysterio like Undertaker had inflicted on everyone for “trying to make a name for themselves and my expense.”

Rey said he did not fear The Undertaker. The ending clip was Batista power bombing Mysterio and saying “The Undertaker is mine.”

Mysterio came out first and celebrated with fans, touching heads with the kids in the crowd supporting him. Mysterio gave out his mask cover and shirt to two kids in the front row and the kids broke down in tears as their hero acknowledged them. The announce team acted like the kids were scared of Undertaker.

The Undertaker entered next, the crowd showing their respect for him as well. The two man squared off as the announcer presented the competitors. The Undertaker cornered Mysterio, chasing the smaller opponent around the ring. Mysterio used his speed to avoid Undertaker but only for about a minute before Undertaker threw Mysterio out of the ring, over the top rope.

Mysterio entered the ring again, trying to bring the right to The Undertaker but as he went to launch over the top rope back into the ring The Undertake landed a great right hook, knocking Mysterio out of the air.

The Undertaker took control at this point, using his strength and power over Mysterio. Undertaker went for the choke slam but Mysterio countered out of it, going for the 619. The Undertaker went for the Tombstone and Rey kept kicking the Undertaker, forcing Undertaker to drop him. The two battled back and forth, speed vs. strength throughout the match. Outside the ring it looked like Mysterio was going to be power bombed on the outside but he countered and, reaching the ropes, moonsaulted off of them onto Undertaker. When he tried to baseball slide into Undertaker he was caught and tossed into the barricade.

The beat down on Mysterio continued with Rey rallying for brief moments here and there before being swatted down again. Mysterio hit the 619, a springboard drop kick and another 619 but, before he could hit the West Coast Pop on the Undertaker he was caught and given the Last Ride. The Undertaker picked up the win, (complete with a bloody nose and mouth) as he looked at the smaller man who put up a good fight.

Undertaker paced the ring then looked down at Mysterio before kneeling in the ring as his music and light effects went off.

Winner: The Undertaker (retains title)

The cameras cut to HBK watching the match, interrupted by Kane who accused Michaels of having an obsession with The Undertaker. Kane tells Michael that any vision of grandeur will fail saying there “Is now light, only darkness.”

Triple H entered the locker room and the two wished each other good luck in the upcoming Rumble match. They shook hands and Triple H departed after telling Shawn he’ll have to find another way to get to Wrestlemania, clearly sending the message that Triple H wouldn’t lay down so that Michaels could win the Rumble without a fight.

The Royal Rumble Match

Order of Entry Order of Elimination
1.      Dolph Ziggler Evan Bourne (by CM Punk)
2.      Evan Bourne Dolph Ziggler (by CM Punk)
3.      CM Punk JTG (by CM Punk)
4.      JTG Great Khali (by Beth Phoenix)
5.      The Great Khali Beth Phoenix (by CM Punk)
6.      Beth Phoenix Zack Ryder (by CM Punk)
7.      Zack Ryder CM Punk (by Triple H)
8.      Triple H The Miz (by MVP)
9.      Drew McIntyre MVP (Eliminated Himself)
10.   Ted DiBiase Matt Hardy (by Kane)
11.   John Morrison Kane (by Triple H)
12.   Kane Carlito (by HBK)
13.   Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes (by HBK)
14.   MVP Ted DiBiase (by HBK)
15.   Carlito John Morrison (by HBK)
16.   The Miz Drew McIntryre (by HBK & HHH)
17.   Matt Hardy Triple H (by HBK)
18.   Shawn Michaels Shelton Benjamin (by John Cena)
19.   John Cena Yoshi Tatsu (by John Cena)
20.   Shelton Benjamin Chris Masters (by Big Show)
21.   Yoshi Tatsu Mark Henry (by R-Truth)
22.   Big Show Big Show (by R-Truth)
23.   Mark Henry Jack Swagger (by Kofi Kingston)
24.   Chris Masters R-Truth (by Kofi Kingston)
25.   R-Truth Kofi Kingston (by John Cena)
26.   Jack Swagger Chris Jericho (by Edge)
27.   Kofi Kingston Shawn Michaels (by Batista)
28.   Chris Jericho Batista (by John Cena)
29.   Edge John Cena (by Edge)
30.   Batista



Match Highlights:

  • Bourne and Ziggler start off, using speed and high flying skills against each other. Both Bourne and Ziggler were nearly put over the top rope but both stayed in. Bourne hit the “AirBourne” and CM Punk entered the Rumble, taking out both Bourne and Ziggler.
  • After Punk eliminated both Bourne and Ziggler he talked for the time remaining until JTG came running in. Once JTG was eliminated by Punk and Punk faced the Great Khali he tried to get Khali to pledge to Straight Edge but it ended with Punk being slammed by the Great Khali.
  • Beth Phoenix, the second woman in Royal Rumble history to enter the Royal Rumble, came out showing no fear. She stared at Khali who scooped her up and put her on the apron carefully. Phoenix reached up and kissed Khali and pulled him over the top rope and out of the Rumble before sliding back in the ring. She then attacked CM Punk and worked on eliminating him but was eliminated by Punk herself after being hit with the Go To Sleep.
  • CM Punk loses his cocky smile when Triple H entered the Rumble.
  • Triple H counters the GTS and tosses Punk out, resulting in Punk losing his temper outside the ring.
  • Miz hitting MVP from behind with the US Title as MVP comes to enter the match. When the Miz enters MVP takes The Miz and himself over the top rope and the pair continue fighting outside the ring.
  • Matt Hardy eliminated by Kane, Kane eliminated by Triple H back to back.
  • Carlito, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, John Morrison and Drew McIntyre eliminated by HBK back to back (with Triple H assisting with the elimination of McIntyre).
  • Before Triple H and HBK can square off John Cena entered the match (the fans actually cheering him on, for the most part).
  • Shawn Michaels uses Sweet Chin Music to eliminate Triple H.
  • Cena trying to AA Mark Henry and collapsing beneath his weight
  • R-Truth scooping Big Show and Mark Henry over the top rope (Henry was trying to eliminate Big Show and Truth pushed them over.)
  • Edge returns at number 29. Jericho is in shock, Edge spears everyone in sight then eliminates Jericho.
  • The match comes down to Batista (the final entrant), John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Edge.
  • Edge clotheslining himself and Michaels over the tope rope. Edge being super kicked back into the ring by Michaels and Batista knocking Michael’s over the top rope.
  • HBK’s heartbroken face after being eliminated and, as a result of his denial of being eliminated he slides back into the ring. HBK super kicking the ref that tries to tell him to get out of the ring. After that HBK leaves the ring in shock.
  • Cena eliminating Batista by pulling the top rope down as Batista charged.
  • Cena turning around and avoiding the spear but when Cena counters Edge grabs him by the back of the neck and tosses Cena out to win.

Winner: Edge

With Edge picking up the win, when he was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble (just as many other surprise entrants have done) it makes me wonder who will win this Royal Rumble. Will it be someone we know is in the Rumble? Or will it be someone unknown? A new talent? Someone (out of the many) returning from injury? Or a NXT superstar? It’s literally anyone’s guess as this year as Roman Reigns’ title is on the line and we have no hint on who will be medically cleared, called up or signed to the WWE roster.

What are your bets for Sunday?

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