WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 01.25.2016: Royal Rumble Fallout, HHH New Champ, Sasha Banks, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose


WWE has it’s first post-Royal Rumble Raw as the road to Fastlane 2016 begins!

Monday Night Raw eminates live from the American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL and the crowd should be red hot for the post-Rumble Raw.

Triple H not only returned from a one-month absense, but he entered as #30 in the 2016 Royal Rumble and won the match, becoming the WWE World Heavyweight for the amazing 14th time. Triple H, along with Stephanie and Vince, are expected to kick off Raw.


In addition, the man who lost the title, Roman Reigns, will be on Raw. How will the Big Dog respond to what went down at the Rumble? Roman’s next steps, including a possible match at the Fastlane PPV, should become more clear on Raw.

Here is WWE.com:
The Authority always has a plan. In the 2016 Royal Rumble Match last night, Triple H returned to action by entering the bout at No. 30, eliminating Roman Reigns and capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. How will this shakeup affect The Road to WrestleMania, which continues tonight on Raw

The other major story from the 2016 Royal Rumble was the WWE debut of the phenomanl A.J. Styles. After a lengthy run in TNA and a main event run in the last few years in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Styles debuted with a gigantic crowd reaction.



Styles makes his Monday Night Raw debut tonight!

The other favorite for the Rumble – Brock Lesnar – was a beast in the match, eliminating 3 out of the 4 Wyatts – twice! But they refused to stay out of the ring and eventually with Bray Wyatt’s help, they eliminated Lesnar. While Lesnar might not be on Raw tonight, the Wyatt family certainly will be. The path for Lesnar to Wrestlemania 32 seems to be leading right through the Wyatt Family and we’ll find out much more on Raw.

With Dean Ambrose having defeated Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match, what is next for the Lunatic Fringe? He stood up to HHH as the second to last man in the Rumble, even outlasting his bro Roman Reigns. The next chapter for Ambrose should begin on Raw.

The New Day has retained the Tag Team Titles over the Usos and will move on to another new team. With Kalisto now a singles wrestler, and the Dudleys in freefall, who will be the next team to challenge the New Day?

Sasha Banks came down and literally punked out Becky Lynch over the top rope to take over as the top contender for the Divas Title. Despite originally appearing on the same page, Banks attacked Charlotte to setup what was presumably be a Wrestlemania showdown for the title.

Chris Jericho had an epic performance in the 2016 Royal Rumble, lasting over 50 minutes after coming in at number 6. Jericho could be postitioned to have the best match on the Wrestlemania card against an opponent like A.J. Styles or Dean Ambrose. His next chapter will begin on Raw.

Here is the WWE.com Five Points Preview:

  1. Time to play The Game – The Game has returned to WWE for the first time since Reigns sent him to the hospital more than a month ago, what’s going through the defeated Big Dog’s mind?
  2. What will be AJ Styles’ next move? – Following his successful and jaw-dropping Royal Rumble Match appearance, might the worldwide sensation emerge once again on Raw?
  3. Mask hysteria – How will Kalisto keep his incredible momentum going on Raw?
  4. Is Sasha Banks our next Divas Champion? – How will Charlotte — and Becky Lynch, for that matter — respond to The Boss’ brazen actions?
  5. Of buzzards and Beasts – Now that The Eater of Worlds and his flock have beaten the unstoppable Lesnar for the time being, who will feel their wrath next?

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