Blu-Ray review – Da Vinci’s Demons (Season 3)

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Starz has an interesting way of creating content, it seems, as the premium network has taken a different route than HBO when it comes to original programming. HBO has gone more of the prestige route, aiming for awards and critical praise. Starz, on the other hand, seems to have fun green lighting things that have a twinge of the crazy in them. Hence Da Vinci’s Demons, a historically based fiction life at Leonard Da Vinci (Tom Riley) that posits him as this sort of badass world traveling action hero.

The key term here is “loosely” when it comes to discussing how close to the historical record it gets.

We pick up Da Vinci tracking down those who have stolen some of his designs and used them for evil in Turkey. From there it’s a finale of epic proportions as the show properly concluded on its third season.

A good way to look at this show is a spiritual cousin to Spartacus, another good but fairly flawed series that ended at about the right time.

A handful of EPK pieces and nothing more are included.

Starz presents Da Vinci’s Demons (Season 3). Starring Tom Riley. Released on DVD: 1.26.2016