Marketing to Marks: The Authority Always Wins. (Triple H, HBK, Rock, Vince)

I was nicknamed Chris Hatred because of my inability to find fault with anything in pop-culture. I always thought Russo did well, Jim Herd meant well, and that Dixie Carter is really trying. I still criticize alot, but I was always felt that we were just about to reach a new pro-wrestling Renaissance. The Rumble was a great PPV, I liked the whole card, but I want more from WWE. This isn’t because of PG, Kevin Dunn, WWE Creative, or because WWE ignores fans. This cluster of boredom is because WWE is a corporation, and that people on social media are crying bitchy little girls.

I don’t think Triple H Vs Roman is such a bad Mania main event, but as I said last time, people judge whether they want to see a show based on the main event. I think Brock has more star power than Hunter. Most non-wrestling fans know Brock Lesnar, Hunter is known as the guy that used to fight Rock. Only Vince and Hunter think that Hunter is a huge star.

Triple H only got to the top after HBK, Rock, Austin, Foley, Undertaker, and Bret Hart were away. He had solid matches before 2002, but he was only big between December 1999 to April 2000. He was booed because fans were bored of him, not because it was fun to boo him. He couldn’t hang as a top heel. Hunter was a man that couldn’t “make the title”, even if he was working his ass off. I don’t know why he doesn’t work, but if it had been Ken Shamrock as champ with his DX henchmen, and he wasn’t getting over, Vince would’ve handed the belt back to Rock at WrestleMania 2000.

Don’t get me wrong, looking back at Hunter now, I love his stuff. I even enjoyed his “reign of terror”, from 2002 to 2005, but that’s nostalgia talking. At the time, I was getting sick of Hunter winning everything. What was the point of him winning at WrestleMania 19, why was he taking on Cena at WrestleMania 22 when it was obvious people wanted Edge to be in Hunter’s place?

Hunter hasn’t just been on top and overshadowed others, he’s buried popular talent in favor of himself. When I say “buried”, I mean it. I’m not one to use that term often because it’s misused a lot, but he honest to God does this. Why did the Summer of Punk involve Hunter? Why did he have to give Zack Ryder a million pedigrees at house shows? Why did he have to stay heel after Orton won his first World Title? What was the point of Hunter turning on HBK and Ric Flair back in the early and mid 2000’s? This guy is literally stuck into everything whether it’s a good idea or not.

Triple H isn’t all bad, he’s a real talent, and good at the backstage WWE production end. Being talented still doesn’t make it okay to fuck up whole angles, and toss money out windows because he wants to be on tv. Cena is the only guy he’s never pinned for 8 thousand matches. He actually fought off the entire Raw locker room at once. People forget this, but during his 2006 rebellious DX days, Vince ordered the locker room to attack Hunter, and he held the entire roster off with a chair.

When was the last time Hunter was made to look weak? Rock was once hit by a semi-truck, Austin was once nailed to an Undertaker Cross, DB was mercilessly beaten by the Shield and Randy Orton, HBK was knocked out and forced to kiss Vince’s ass, and Hunter was able to outsmart every heel, and never look bad.

Also stop saying Hunter drew money, he was champ during 2003, and that was a year that WWE lost money. Was anyone dying to see Triple H Vs Kevin Nash; or Flair, Hunter, and Jericho Vs HBK, Booker T, and Kevin Nash? How about those barn burners with Scott Steiner? We had to watch that twice in 2003. I’m sure he drew money as champ, but I’m pretty sure an evil Randy Orton, or just HBK would’ve drawn more.

Okay, I’m done. I need to get back to my “Best of Norman Smiley” dvd. That guy was great.

Top Guys That I Could Never See a Problem With:

5) Eric Watts

4) Mongo

3) Jeff Jarrett

2) Shane Douglas

1) Kevin Nash

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