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Artist Ethan Van Sciver continues to speak about DC Comics Rebirth!

Ethan Van Sciver talks DC Comics Rebirth with Geoff Johns again Jan 25 2016

FIVE (5). Not a reboot. DC Comics has tweaked their continuity with 2015’s Convergence after their wholesale continuity reboot in 2011 following Flashpoint. Considering that Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash: Rebirth focused on bringing back what made these characters popular, expect any changes to be explained within continuity. That’s the #Rebirth way.

FOUR (4). DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office and writer Geoff Johns is joined by DC Comics exclusive artist Ethan Van Sciver and are collaborating as part of DC Comics Rebirth. It sure looks like they will be on a series of some kind; whether a limited Rebirth series or an ongoing one is unclear. However, these two creators look to bring their previous #Rebirth magic to DC Comics Rebirth

THREE (3). Ethan Van Sciver promises that whatever Rebirth is, it honors what came before and what the word Rebirth has meant to DC. Similarily Dan DiDio on social media, in response to a fan post, said that he guarantees DC Comics fans will be happy. Honor and happinness. While I don’t think a continuity reboot is coming, we have yet to see the extent of the continuity tweaks stemming from Convergence. So far, we have the Zero Hour era redeemed and older Hal Jordan as Parallax (yes, 2 Hal Jordans on main DC Earth today), we have an older Superman with wife and kid from pre-Flashpount (yes, 2 Clark Kent / Supermen and Lois Lane-s in core DC too), so is too much to ask for a ginger, family man, older Wally West as Flash too? I think, but am not sure of DC’s plan since he’s not in the Titans Hunt mini-series, that spun out of Convergence, and introduced a secret Teen Titans history for DC’s twenty-something heroes like Nightwing. So what does honor and happinness mean to you in the DC context?

TWO (2). 52 means something to DC Comics. The few books that have been continually published since the reboot in 2011 officially hit issue #52 in May 2016. Free Comic Book Day 2016 (FCBD 2016) falls on the first Saturday of May so expect Rebirth to be front and center for DC Comics net new content read for FCBD. Many have speculated a June 2016 relaunch of somekind, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Although the blue curtain motif as part of the Rebirth “announcement” signals a debut / unveilling coming soon.

ONE (1). DC Comics publishing plan is changing in at least two ways. (A) With the success of its weekly comics efforts, look for DC Comics to embrace some bi-weekly series by marquee writers and platooning top industry artists. (B) While I’m not sold on the rumors that DC’s comics will mirror their silver screen or small screen offerings, namely because they are different and portray characters differenetly, e.g., CW Arrow’s TV Suicide Squad does not resemble DC Entertainment’s Movie Suicide Squad, expect to see ongoing series starring or anchored by its TV and Movie heroes / heroines that currently don’t have series, e.g. Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc.

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