James Storm On Bobby Roode, Beer Money, His Time with NXT, The Wolves

james storm

James Storm recently spoke with Radio Yorkshire’s Tom Feaheny (transcript viawrestlinginc.com), here are the highlights…

On teaming with Bobby Roode again: “I always say, the better you beat each other, we broke up as Beer Money and beat each other other good, but we are now a team again, it’s like MMA fighters who beat each other up then have a drink afterwards just no one covers that.”

On whether he prefers being a face or heel: “I enjoy both, they both have there perks and downsides, I say it is easy to annoy someone than to make them happy, people now want to cheer the bad guys for some reason.”

On possibly facing the Wolves: “A lot of people want to see that match up because it could be like when we were facing the Motor City Machine guns again, but we always pride ourselves on making the division as top as it can be when we were facing the likes of Team 3D, LAX and others.”

On his time with NXT: “It was cool being in NXT, I made a lot of new friends, I saw a lot of old friends as well… I think NXT reminded me of a young TNA group, guys who were out to prove they deserved to be there and in TNA guys are trying to prove they can hang with The Wolves, Matt Hardy… the two groups don’t hate each other, they have to go out and do their job to the best of there abilities.”