Lucha Underground S2 E1: A Much Darker Place – On-Going Live Coverage, Season 2 Episode Premiere Featuring Rey Mysterio, Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star, Johnny Mundo, Fenix & Many More!


Lucha libre diehards and wrestling fans alike – we made it!  Tonight is officially the night – the Season 2 Premiere of Lucha Underground!  Catch it on El Rey Network tonight at 8 P.M. and check back here for live updates!  In the meantime, last season’s Ultima Lucha is airing right now, if you’d like to catch up!

While Dario Cueto, the villainous promoter of the Temple, is on the run – what will happen to the roster?  Will Mil Muertoes continue his rule on the Temple throne?  Or will it be given to one of the many returning luchadors and luchadoras looking to take his place?  We’ll find out as this new season goes on after the long-awaited return of Lucha Underground tonight at 8 P.M., on El Rey Network!

We see Vampiro being questioned in a psychiatric ward.  He suffers from flashbacks, “nightmares,” and “violent thoughts” – all from his last match with his son, Pentagon Jr.  He has a prescription for medication and in order to be granted his release from the hospital, he must avoid all contact with people who trigger these thoughts.

Vampiro has visions of attacking the doctor and the nurses – but does not give in.  He is released.

He meets Matt Striker in the desert.  Before escaping with each other in a vehicle, Striker tells Vampiro they have been offered to return to the Temple, but it’s become a much darker place.

Catrina and Fenix are in Cueto’s office. Fenix has come back for Muertes.  She tells Fenix that he must wait until next week, because she now has control of the Temple – so long as he’s still the Gift of the Gods Champion.  Someone wants his title – and Mil will be watching.

We cut to Mil on his throne, who is indeed watching.

Catrina: Proprietor appears on Cueto’s office door.  Oh, yes.

Striker and Vampiro are back at the commentary table.  Mil’s throne faces the ring and he watches intently.

Gift of the Gods Championship Match
King Cuerno vs. Fenix

Cuerno wears a seven-point buck headdress to signify his confidence in winning this championship match.  Actually, last we saw him, he was in a GotG match.

Fenix gets in some kicks and balances himself on the ropes.  We see move exchanges between the two.

Fenix puts Cuerno into a hold, but he escapes.  Cuerno puts Fenix into a hold, but unexpectedly kicks out of Cuerno’s hold.  However, Cuerno has a new move – wins the belt.

New Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno

We cut to Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico return outside the Temple on motorcycles.  They seem determined.

We go to commercial.  There is also a brief, sponsored segment of Johnny Mundo’s workout.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico meet Catrina in the workout room backstage.  Mil wants to see the three of them fight.  The three aren’t pleased – but whoever wins this match will face Mil for the championship title tonight.  Ivelisse agrees.  Uh oh – Catrina says they’re up next.

Ivelisse says to Catrina that when she gets the title, she’s coming for her.

Back in the Temple arena, Catrina whispers in Melissa Santos’s ear.

The three are introduced in the ring.  Before cutting to commercial, Catrina meets someone in the locker room – wait, Texano?!

Also, Prince Puma is luchador of the week.

Three-Way Match
Son of Havoc vs. Angelico vs. Ivelisse

The winner of this match faces Mil Muertes for the championship tonight.

We’re back at the Temple after the commercial break.

The three enter a pin war – Angelico tries pinning Ivelisse.  Havoc attempts to pin Angelico.  “You look like sugar.”

Ivelisse slaps Angelico.  She slaps Havoc.  She kicks him in the stomach.  She tries to pin Angelico – “she’s in control.”  He’s in control of her for a second, but then there’s Havoc.

Havoc bounces off the ropes onto Angelico.  More pinning war.  Ivelisse is in control of Havoc now.  She does 10 kicks into Havoc.  Angelico enters, but not for long.  Ivelisse is out of the ring, then Angelico.  Havoc flies out of the ring into Angelico.  Both climb back into the ring.  The three seem wiped.

Ivelisse gets up, tries to get in – fails, but is able the second time – gets onto Angelico, then is out of the ring.  Angelico now has Havoc on the turnbuckles.  Havoc throws him off him.  Ivelisse pins Angelico.  Ivelisse wins.

Winner and #1 Contender for Lucha Underground Championship: Ivelisse

Before the commercial, outside in LA, three wrestling fans are lost, and Black Lotus tries to help.  “Come with me,” she says.

We’re back after commercial.  Catrina comes out.  She meets Mil.  Ivelisse is the first woman to get a championship title match.  Catrina and Mil get in the ring together.

Havoc and Angelico are still in the ring with Ivelisse – and the Disciples of Death come for the three.  They carry Havoc and Angelico away, leaving Ivelisse on her own.  We cut to commercial.

Main Event: Lucha Underground Championship Match
Ivelisse vs. Mil Muertes

We’re back.  Mil pushes Ivelisse.  Boos from the crowd.

She repeatedly hits him in the chest.  He pushes her again.  Her has her draped over his knee, and he pushes her to the mat.

He pushes her into the turnbuckle headfirst.  Ivelisse keeps hitting him – but he keeps pushing her.  She finally has him in a choke hold, but he reverses into a bear hug.  He throws her on the mat.

He has his hand around her neck.  Ivelisse struggles.  Her legs are around his neck – he pins her – he picks her up.  He has her draped over the ropes in a submission.  She manages to get his wrist damaged by the top rope.  He lets go of her.

She’s on top of the turnbuckles.  She pushes him and goes for the pin.

He kicks out.  Catrina comes in the ring – only to be attacked by Mil.

Ivelisse goes for the pin but he kicks out.  Mil does a powerslam on her.  She comes back, but Mil still manages to pin Ivelisse.

Winner and still your Lucha Underground Champion: Mil Muertes

Catrina comes into the ring and leans down on Ivelisse.  She gets on top of her to initiate her Lick of Death, but decides not to.  Mil goes to hurt Ivelisse further, but Prince Puma intervenes and saves Ivelisse.  Mil is outraged.

Pentagon Jr. enters the ring and goes for a sneak attack on Mil.

He breaks Mil’s arm.

After leaving the ring to join Catrina, he kicks the camera.

We cut to outside.  Black Lotus and the fans are with Dario Cueto.  The fans are skeptical.  Black Lotus hits one of the fans.  Dario lets the fans in for payment.  A fan asks, “Who’s fighting tonight?”  But Dario says, “You are.”  He shuts the door and we hear violence within.

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