Jim Cornette: “They should drop a nuclear bomb on [Lucha Underground]” – The Jim Cornette Experience Thurs. January 28


In the latest podcast episode of the Jim Cornette Experience on the MLW Radio Network,  wrestling promoter Jim Cornette provided some comments on the Lucha Underground.  Here are some particularly colorful quotes from the podcast:

“This f***ing Lucha Underground horses***.  That is the most heinous horses*** that I’ve ever seen in my life.  We joked off the air and I said, ‘Well, I’ll probably like the match, but I won’t like the concept of the show because it has writers.’  I didn’t like nothing.  This is more embarrassing than anything I could have dreamed of.  It’s a TV show.  It’s a movie.  It’s not wrestling.  It’s not a sport.  They make no pretense of even attempting to make this s*** believable.”

Cornette did have plenty to say about the “production.”  “[It’s] incredible.  It looks like Scorsese directed it.  The cinematography is wonderful.  It looks like a John Ford western, whatever the f***.  I can’t say enough about the production.  And it’s another nail in the coffin of wrestling to being taken seriously as a sport or anything that’s not completely predetermined.  There’s nobody on the face of the planet that could watch this shit and believe that there is any legitimacy to it whatsoever.”  Oh, goodness.

Regarding a match between Prince Puma and “Felix,” Cornette said: “Good God … I know lucha is obviously acrobatic, but this was a choreographed f***ing Chinese acrobat Olympic gymnastics tumbling routine.  That’s all it f***ing was.”  Is that all, Mr. Cornette?

Furthermore, Cornette commented, “The only way to save this God damn horses*** is if they get everyone in that f***ing Temple who is associated with Lucha Underground and all of the tapes of everything they’ve ever shot and put it in the same place and then drop a nuclear bomb on the whole … thing.”  You can listen to the whole segment from the podcast in the link above.

However, it seems that most fans probably don’t have the same mindset as Cornette regarding Lucha Underground.  According to the television audience tracking for the Season 2 premiere that aired this past Wednesday, the initial airing of the first episode totaled to around 109,000 viewers.  The replay totaled to around 85,000.  Both averages are higher than last season’s premiere.

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