TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping in Birmingham, England spoilers: First of two shows taped [Spoilers]

TNA Impact Wrestling Taping

This may have been a continuation of the taping for March 1 Impact.

Matt Hardy cut a promo to open. He said he’s beaten EC3 so many times it’s now boring. He’ll never get a shot at Hardy again. Hardy Introduced Rockstar Spud (to his hometown). Spud pointed out that one year ago EC3 left him battered and bloodied with his head shaved. Now the public are jumping on the latest bandwagon by supporting EC3. He took some good old fashioned revenge, and took what EC3 craved.

EC3 eventually interrupted with a run in and beat Tyrus, then Hardy. Spud tried to attack, but he ended up getting away. EC3 challenged Spud to a “fight.” There was no ref, no rules…

Following a taping for Xplosion (see below), Gail Kim delivered a promo. She said the Knockouts division is all about wrestling. Kim said Maria is all talk and nobody wants that, they want to see her fight. Maria came out to talk. She’s proud of lesson she taught Gail. She won’t cross the line and fight as she’s not like Gail. She said Gail wants to be just like her. Maria said Gail says she doesn’t want to be a celebrity, yet married a celebrity chef. Maria loves being a celebrity, she was on Celebrity Apprentice and posed for Playboy. Maria said she won’t fight because she is a lady. Gail chased after her, only to be attacked by Jade.

1. EC3 beat Rockstar Spud in a Birmingham street fight. The match went about ten minutes until EC3 put spud through a table and choked him out. A bunch of refs (and agent Simon Diamond) came out to break it up.

Xplosion Taping

1. Jessie Godderz beat Tigre Uno. Godderz won by submission with a Boston crab in roughly six minutes.

Second Impact Episode

Impact opened with Dixie Carter in the ring with the TNA roster outside ring. They were there to celebrate Kurt Angle. Dixie hoped this day would never come, and can’t thank Angle enough for everything he’s done. Drew Galloway got in the ring and said it was an honor to be picked to wrestle him on his farewell tour. Galloway asked Angle please don’t go, but then said thank you so much.

Angle said he came to TNA to find himself, and he’s a better person for having being there. Lashley interrupted. It’s a bad day, but a great experience, an amazing thing for him, so thank you. However, Lashley said he can see as he looks at Angle’s eyes that Kurt is just not ready to wrestle him…

1. Eric Young beat Bram, Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc, and Big Damo in a King of The Mountain Match. Osprey was first to qualify with a crucifix on Havoc. Young qualified with a piledriver on the steps to Havoc. Bram was next to qualify. Young won a pretty short match, which was a shame this was once the biggest match on TNA’s biggest pay-per-view…

Mike “The Miracle” Bennett cut a promo demanding to be named number one contender. Bennett was interrupted by Drew Galloway. They went back and forth until Galloway finally loses his rag and took out Bennett…

2. Gail Kim beat Jade to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Kim won a good match with a backwards cross body off the ropes. Jake countered the move, but it was rolled over again by Kim for the win…

3. James Storm and Bobby Roode beat The Wolves to win the TNA Tag Titles. It appeared as though Davey Richards was injured. He took an awkward bump from Storm and then immediately rolled out of the ring with referee Earl Hebner making the X sign with his arms. He was noticeable talking to the three remaining guys in the ring afterwards…

Grado rushed the ring for a promo, saying his firing was fishy. Eli Drake came out and said he’s pathetic begging for his job back…

4. Lashley defeated Kurt Angle. The match will billed as Angle’s last match and it was a good one with lots of back and forth. Angle had the ankle lock on Lashley about three or four times, but eventually Lashley won with a spear, then attacked Angle again after the match. This brought out Drew Galloway, whom was also beat down by Lashley. Eddie Edwards was out next and he was also beaten down. Finally EC3 came out, and Lashley walked off…

Angle delivered his farewell speech. He said he is very grateful and added that he will see us again one day…

One Night Only Taping

They finished the night with a 16-man gauntlet match taped for a One Night Only pay-per-view. For some reason, they match only had 13 entrants.

1. Drew Galloway won a gauntlet match. The order of entry was Bennett, Mandrews, Tigre Uno, Jade, Will Osprey, Bram, Eric Young, Eddie Edwards, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, Grado.

Order of elimination:
Mandrews by Bennett
Jade by Maria
Tigre uno by Bram
Osprey by Young
Young and Bram by Edwards
Edwards by Hardy
Tyrus by Grado
Spud by Galloway
Hardy by Grado
Grado by Bennett
Bennett by Drew Galloway

Xplosion Taping

1. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne beat Marti Bell and Rebel. Velvet picked up the win after a stunner. This match was taped during the Impact taping.

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