Marketing to Marks: It’s Okay to Look. (Sunny, Eva Marie, Paige, Divas)

I’m noticing that male wrestling fans are becoming increasingly weird about women in wrestling. Some fans want women to wrestle in barbwire deathmatches, and act like men. Then there’s this resentment toward any female wrestler that is deemed “unladylike”, like getting pissed at Dana Brooke because she sleeps around. (That’s still a rumor.) Fans are getting pretty misogynistic, or their still misogynistic. A few years ago I wrote an article supporting Dixie Carter, and felt fans were far more hateful toward her than they would be to Vince. Some clown found my dormant Twitter account, and started calling me “SJW”, and “White Knight”, and some other shit. I think we’re getting too into pop culture and over thinking things, but let’s just look at wrestling?

This weekend the WWE “Fastlane” poster was all over Fb, and the majority of comments were negative opinions of Eva Marie. The poster shows Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Dean Ambrose. Eva Marie is in the lower part of the poster holding a checkered flag, and she looks great holding it. There were male fans that were saying they’d rather physically harm her than sleep with her. This isn’t cool to say. I will never advocate censorship, but men that constantly need to point that Eva Marie is worthless are sick assholes. Telling your opinion as truth doesn’t mean you’re not a gum chewing rapist. Charles Manson is right about a lot of things, but no one is going to let him out of jail for it.

Then there’s these sexually repressed fans that need to point out how horrible Sunny is. I don’t see Sunny doing adult films as “sad”. There’s nothing wrong with porn if the actors are being treated well, and paid fairly. You don’t need to point out that you think porn is horrible because we all know you watch it daily. Just say you love it, and wish Sunny well, and move on. You’re insulting my intelligence when you squirm around the fact that you’re either afraid of naked women, or you’re lying. I’m sure Sunny will be great, and WWE can decide if she needs to be removed from the WWE HOF, it’s a revolving door anyway.

So now Paige is being attacked because she’s not anti-diva enough. This is WWE’s fault because they don’t understand that fans think “Total Divas” is real. I don’t watch the show, but Paige must’ve started acting like a girl on it because the fans are pissed at her. See Paige is stale now, and it’s her fault for not growing a beard, and freshening up her character. It’s absolutely not Vince’s fault for thinking women’s wrestling is “unique novelty”?

Also Nikki Bella is a “whore” because she “slept” her way to the top. Apparently WWE started using this system called “nepotism” to push talent. It must be an insider thing because I’ve never heard of nepotism being used in other industries? Oh right, it happens everywhere, in every job. Nepotism will happen, and it’s best to ignore it because I’ve seen parents ruin their own lives by constantly supporting their kid’s Hollywood career.

Finally, if you’re too into AJ Lee, and/or Bailey, nobody will hang out with you.

Finally, all fans can agree that Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch are great talents. It’s only a matter of time before male fans get pissed, and demand Sasha and Becky quit being “faggots”, and grow beards and swear. Hey maybe Sasha will start using the N-word? That’ll be great because she’s black, and according to white rednecks, it shows realism in wrestling.

Remember guys Shelly Martinez is better than you just because she’s pretty, and you’re stuck as an awkward slob that’s convinced you’re brilliant. I think I’m getting old and angry? I still back what I wrote here 100%, but I’m writing something happy next week.

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