Lucha Underground S2 E2: The Dark & The Mysterious – On-Going Live Coverage, Season 2 Episode Premiere Featuring Pentagon Jr., Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Killshot & Many More!

Catrina Proprietor

Welcome back, Lucha Underground fans!  After what happened in last week’s season premiere of Lucha Underground, naturally, we have a lot of questions – when will Dario Cueto return?  What do Catrina and Mil Muertes have in store?  Will Ivelisse return as the Baddest Bitch in the Building, or will she succumb to Catrina’s tricks?  With scheduled matches and season returns featuring Johnny Mundo vs. Kill Shot and Willie Mack vs. former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel, now “The Darewolf” PJ Black, plus a scheduled appearance by Pentagon Jr.  And word is that Prince Puma will team up with an “unlikely partner.”  We have lots in store!

Stay tuned for live updates and play-by-plays at the episode start at 8 P.M. EST, only on El Rey Network! For now, you can catch up on last week’s episode coverage and recap.  You can also watch this new episode’s replay at 9 P.M. EST right after its premiere.

Catrina Window

8 P.M. – it’s time!

“This year promises to be darker.” – Matt Striker, S2 E2 preview

We start with a brief recap of last week’s season premiere episode, plus some shocking moments and quotes from last season overall.  Mil winning the Lucha Underground Championship.  We see the moment where Dario Cueto decides to start a new temple.  Catrina starts a war.  And Dragon Azteca will live forever.

We’re in the gym in the Temple.  Prince Puma is working out, thinking about his loss to Mil and the kiss he received from Catrina.  Pentagon Jr. wants some help – he wants Prince Puma to be his partner – no, he has to.  “We finish the Disciples of Death – and the next one will be you.”  Because zero fear.

The two brawl.  Prince Puma gives Pentagon something to be afraid of.

Mil is on his throne in the Temple.  Matt Striker and Vampiro kick off the show.  Vampiro is offended at Striker’s question about Pentagon.  Our main event is Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma vs. the Disciples of Death!

OMG JOHNNY MUNDO!!!  “The Face of Lucha Underground!”  Word is he’s set on winning the championship – of course.  “What you see is exactly what you get with that man,” says Striker.

And now Killshot!

Singles Match
Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

There’s some intense chanting favoring Mundo.

Counter right off the bat.  The ropes.  Killshot avoids Mundo.  Killshot counters and Mundo is on the floor.  The crowd is wild.

Mundo tackles Killshot.  Mixed chanting.

Killshot clutches his stomach.  Mundo chanting from audience.  Mundo pushes Killshot, but Killshot comes back.

Counter by Johnny.  Another.  C4.  A pin, but Killshot kicks out.  Mundo looks for favor, but the audience boos.  Johnny has Killshot in the turnbuckles.  Reversal by Killshot but underestimates – he comes back.  Johnny is almost done – Killshot jumps from the turnbuckles –

He pins Johnny – oh, God – Johnny kicks out.

Killshot tries, but Johnny blocks.  Oh dear, the ref is out.  Killshot gets hit in the crotch – ack.

Johnny jumps and flips off the turnbuckles and the ropes.

He pins Killshot – he’s got him.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

He takes the mic.  He’s not afraid of Mil.  Cage comes out!  Cage isn’t afraid of him, either.  “I’ll break you in half, boy.”  He’s a MACHINE!

Johnny Mundo shoots him down.  Cage reminds him how he whooped his ass – he challenges Mundo!

Snarky chanting from the audience.  Wait – Mundo leaves… And comes back with a sneak attack!  Cage pushes Johnny to the ring floor.

He tries to throw Johnny, but lands on his feet and rolls out of the ring. He leaves.  We go to commercial.

We’re back from commercial.  We’re in the home of Marty “The Moth” Martinez.  Sexy Star is locked in a chair, dazed.  The Moth is menacing.  “I’ve brought you something.”  A moth.  Sexy Star is frightened.  “All of this is for your own good.”  Buffalo Bill, much?  It’s almost time for Sexy to “fly back to the Temple.”  And she won’t be alone.  She tries to get him, to fight back.  We fade out.

Character Debut
“The Darewolf” PJ Black

“The wolf, he is nothing.  I can relate to that.  But the thrill … is never enough.”  He’s addicted to danger.  We get a sick promo that establishes PJ’s character – images of wolves, PJ on a motorcycle, brawling in the desert by a motel.  He’s just looking for the next thrill.  He fears nothing.  He’s PJ Black.  Aw yeah.

We cut to commercial.  Luchador of the Week is Prince Puma.

We’re back from commercial.

Singles Match
The Mack vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black

PJ’s first match in Lucha Underground.  One step in the Temple, and he’s already over with the crowd.  Powerful chanting.  PJ soaks it all in.  “Watch and learn,” says Striker.

Headlock by PJ.  Whoa – lots of counters.  Leg sweep.  Not even a one count.  PJ gets Mack in a headlock again.  Back into the ropes – shoulder tackle by PJ.  Kick by Mack.

Mack slaps PJ repeatedly – ouch.  PJ punches Mack.  Back in the ropes.  Exchanges and counters.  PJ’s on the ring floor.  Cover – kick out at 2.

PJ in the buckles.  Mack tackles.  Mack goes for another and PJ kicks.  Samoan drop by Mack!  Samoansault!  Cover – kick out.  Mack chants by the crowd.  PJ slaps Mack.  Mack slaps back.  PJ returns.  And back again.  And again.  And again…  PJ kicks.  Slaps, punches.  PJ in the ropes and Mack suplexes PJ.

PJ’s Black to the Future!

Pins Mack – kick out.  PJ looks at Mil.  He pins Mack.  He kicks out.  PJ’s not happy.

PJ CLIMBS THE BUCKLES!  450?  Nope, Mack rolls out of the way.  He runs into PJ.  Mack gets him!

He pins PJ!  He wins!

Winner: The Mack

We cut to commercial.

We’re back.

Character Debut
Kobra Moon

She’s “cold-blooded.”  Sinful.  Evil.  Sssssexy.  Venomous.  She’s all of it.  And best of all – we’ll see her in next week’s episode!

Main Event: 3 vs. 2 Match
Lucha Underground Trios Champions Disciples of Death vs. Pentagon Jr. & Prince Puma

The Disciples come out with Catrina.

If anything Jim Cornette got right, that was it.

Mil watches from the Throne.  Prince Puma, the first-ever Lucha Underground Champion, comes out for the match.  Catrina looks at him.  Pentagon comes out.  He causes Vampiro’s nightmares – maybe Striker should lay off.

We cut to commercial as Pentagon yells at the camera.

We’re back from commercial.  Chants from the crowd.  The five get in position.  The Disciples brawl on the two, with two going after Puma.

Puma throws one off the ropes.  He “cleans house!”  Pentagon tackles on all three outside the ring.

Puma jumps on them from the ropes!

Pentagon is jealous from the attention Puma’s getting.  They argue, but Puma get backs in the ring.  Two Disciples stop Pentagon from getting back in the ring.

One has Puma in the corner.  Puma gets hit.  One’s going for a choke on Puma.  Puma runs into the buckles.  One has Puma in a hold but the ref wants him to let go.  Pentagon wants a tag.  Um, okay.  The Purple one pulls Puma’s head down on a rope – ouch.  A dropkick from the ropes sends Puma down.  Pentagon makes a save.  Pentagon gets hurt.  Puma does, too.  A Disciple drags him across the ring by the neck.  Suplex.  Disciple tag made.  “Why don’t they go for the win?”  Right?

Puma gets back into momentum.  Make the tag!  He’s crawling.  He changes his mind.  Pentagon comes in without the tag with clotheslines.  He moves a Disciple to the corner and slaps him.

Catrina watches.  Another hit.  He goes for another Disciple.

Why can’t this show be two hours?

Puma pushes Pentagon a bit.  They argue in the ring.  The Disciples use this to their advantage.  Puma caught in the ropes.  He needs to get out of there.  Pentagon kicks the two other Disciples.  A Disciple flies onto Pentagon outside of the ring.  He’s down, as well as Puma.  A Disciple flies for Pentagon, but instead into his teammate.

Puma is back in momentum.  He brings a Disciple down so hard, the ring shakes.  He climbs the turnbuckles!  He flips.

Pentagon steals the win!

Winners: Pentagon Junior & Prince Puma

Puma is weird about the steal.  Pentagon flexes his guns.  They brawl!  Pentagon gets him by the neck, which is still bothering Puma.  He’s going to break his arm – by God – there he goes – PUMA GETS OUT!

Pentagon leaves.  Puma soaks in the crowd chanting for him.

Wait – we cut to a promo – Rey Mysterio!!  Dragon Azteca!

Goodnight from the Temple!  The replay starts!  Worth watching again, if you so desire.

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