Lucha Underground S2 E3: The Hunt is On… – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno, Fenix, Jack Evans, Drago, Kobra Moon, and Many More!


It’s that time again, Lucha Underground fans!  Tonight at 8 P.M. EST, on El Rey Network, is an all-new episode!  Tonight we’ve got Jack Evans vs. Drago, Fenix vs. current Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno, the debut of the mysterious Kobra Moon, and the continuing reign of current LU Champion Mil Muertes and the Temple’s new proprietor, Catrina, with the Disciples of Death at her disposal!

Will tonight’s match between Fenix and Cuerno be for the Gift of the Gods Championship?  Will Fenix continue to fight against the reign of Catrina?  Will Kobra Moon prove herself to be competition against the luchadors and luchadoras of the Temple?  Will Sexy Star escape the clutches of the evil Marty “The Moth” Martinez?  Where are Dario Cueto and Black Lotus?  Will Johnny Mundo and Brian Cage continue their feud for the LU Championship?  And will we finally see the debut of lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio?  We’ll see – tonight!  Return here at 8 for the full live coverage and play-by-play!  In the meantime, you can catch up on the live coverage and detailed recap from last week!

Cuerno and Catrina S2E1

You can also watch Jack Evans’s Twitter account for his live Tweets!

Believers.  Fanatics.  Fans.  Same difference. 🙂

It’s 8!!!  Get ready!

We start with a recap of the current feud between Fenix and King Cuerno regarding the Gift of the Gods Championship, plus the Unlikely Trio’s match and Ivelisse’s match with Mil Muertes.  Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma appear after the match.

The Temple resonates with cheers, despite the onset of darkness.  “Do not adjust your screens!” – Vampiro. He seems in better spirits.

Melissa announces Bengala!  It’s his season debut.  OMFG KOBRA MOON!!!  She is magnificent in a back feather accessory and bright, teal gear.  What a way to start tonight!

“Lanky, slick, sleek movements.” – Matt Striker.  “Mamacita!” cheers from the crowd!

Singles Match: Bengala vs. Kobra Moon

Both get low.  Kobra goes for a punch.  Bengala kicks.  Kobra sends Bengala out of the ring.  She jumps over the ropes and onto him.  The crowd cheers.

Kobra poses on the ropes.  She sends a loud slap on his back.  Bengala is in the corner and he retaliates with a kick.  He’s got momentum!

Pin by Bengala, kick out at 2.  He goes to throw her but she wraps her legs around him – phew.  She goes for the sleeper hold!  He throws her off.  He slaps her – ouch.  He goes for the pin – kick out a 2.

He climbs the turnbuckles. He jumps but Kobra now has momentum.  She goes for the sleeper hold!  He’s fading!

Body scissors!  Christ, he taps out!  What!

Winner by submission: Kobra Moon

We cut to Catrina in her office. She tingles with excitement when Fenix is around – phew… He’ll run out of lives eventually.  But before that happens, Fenix wants to destroy King Cuerno… And Catrina.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back from commercial!

A Millennia Ago… There was a man from the stars who returned.  Who? There are seven tribes at war.  The Gods will not return.  A star shoots into the sky.  Aero Star?!?!  IT’S JUST NOW HITTING ME HE TRAVELS THROUGH TIME WHAT EVEN.

King Cuerno is in the gym.  Catrina wants Cuerno to defeat – no, kill – the Fenix.  We’re getting a Last Luchador Standing Match!  Not for the Gift of the Gods title, though.  Cuerno does the whiff of death…

We’re back in the ring.  Here comes Jack Evans, “the human video game!”  And here comes Drago!  Ew, that tongue though.

We cut to commercial!

Singles Match: Jack Evans vs. Drago

Here we go!  Drago pushes Jack into the ropes.  Jack gets ready to retaliate.  Headlock.  Jack into the ropes again.  He kicks Drago in the chest.  Drago in the ropes – rolls through a pin – Jack goes for a kick but misses.

Jack is sent out of the ring, onto the floor.  The crowd is wild!

Jack pounds on Drago.  Drago reverses.  He slaps Jack in the chest – ouch.  Jack dodges Drago and gets him. Jack hits.

Drago gets the crowd going and retaliates.  Great counters.  Drago does a takedown on Jack. JACK BITES DRAGO ON THE THUMB – damn, he was really digging in there.  Major boos from the crowd!

Rope work and counters.  Jack goes for the pin – kick out.  Drago is hit in the turnbuckles.  Jack pushes Drago in the back.  He’s got him in the corner and throws Drago.  Eye gouge, jeez.  The crowd cheers for Drago.  Jack’s got some great heat going, however.

Jack is in the turnbuckles and Drago kicks him in the groin – ow.

Drago’s got momentum!  Huge chants.  He’s got Jack in the corner.  He slaps him in the chest.  Counter by Jack!  He’s got Drago on the floor and pounds him in the upper abdomen all over.

Drago’s back up.  Reversal, counter.  Arm drag.  Drago climbs the buckles and jumps onto Jack out of the ring.  Vampiro comments on the crowd.

Drago sends Jack back into the ring.  Drago looks for approval from the crowd.  DDT from Drago!  He goes for the pin – no dice.  Mil’s just sitting there, per usual.

Jack’s losing momentum.  Reversals.  Drago pins him again!  Kick out.  Drago kicks him in the chest – inside-out blockbuster!  He did some damage there.  He pins him but Jack goes for a backslide!  He pins him!  Jack wins!

Winner via pinfall: Jack Evans

Jack takes the mic from Melissa and tells her to shut up.  Okay, there’s a new winner…

Winner via pinfall: Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans

We cut to commercial.

We’re back!  We’ve got a promo with Texano!  He fights for everything that is his – because he has to.  He’ll be damned if anything is taken away from him.  He brawls in a bar with other luchadors!  He sure is pissed. He doesn’t fight fair.  He returns next week!

Prince Puma is backstage.  He prays.  Catrina asks him who he prays to.  She heard Konnan praying in the casket last season.  She wants to see what Prince Puma does to Pentagon Junior next week (yes to confirmed matches!).

We go back to the Temple for the next match!  Fenix gets great reactions from the crowd.  Striker thinks there’s something Catrina has planned – he’s probably right.  King Cuerno comes out and is amazing.

We cut to commercial.


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We’re back!

Main Event – Last Luchador Standing Match: Fenix vs. Current Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno

Here we go!  Cuerno prepares.  Fenix braces himself.  Chants in the crowd!   Cross elbow.  Counters.  Kick by Fenix.  Handspring back elbow by Fenix!  He tries to throw Cuerno off but he stays on the ropes.  Fenix kicks him.  Cuerno’s on the floor!  Ouch.

Cuerno kicks Fenix.  Apparently it’s so loud, the luchadors can’t hear the count!

Fenix is on the floor.  Cuerno chants.  The ref counts.  Fenix throws Cuerno out of the ring!  Fenix flies through the ropes but Cuerno is already up!  Fenix lands on the floor.

Fenix is back up.  Cuerno slaps him. He runs him into the ring – ouch.

He sends Fenix into some front row seats!

The ref counts.  Fenix gets up with some help from the audience.  Cuerno runs him into a barricade.  Fenix is down, the ref counts.  Fenix is back up – that was close.  He’s down again – what?!  Striker thinks Muertes is enjoying it.  He seems to be – Muertes shifts in his seat in interest.  Cuerno is impatient.

They’re both back in the ring.  Fenix counters with a superkick.

Cuerno is in the corner!  Fenix runs into Cuerno! He’s got momentum.

Cuerno is out of the ring – Fenix flies onto him!  Cheers from the crowd!  They’re both in rough shape.

Cuerno is back up – Fenix flies onto him again!

Fenix is selling his exhaustion.  Cuerno’s getting up!  Barely made it to a 10 count!  They’re back in the ring.  Fenix’s got him on his shoulders!  Cuerno’s on the floor! Fenix soaks in the crowd.  He’s on the turnbuckles – too late, Cuerno’s up and kicks him.  Cuerno taunts.  He jumps through the ropes to get Fenix!  The ref is going to have a sore throat.

They’re both up.  Cuerno gets a ladder!  Oh God.

True that.  He hits Fenix with it!  My ears are popping.  Fenix is down and the ref starts his count again. Cuerno knows the fighter within Fenix.  Wait – Cuerno stops the ref’s count.  He kicks him the groin?!  What is up with that lately?

Cuerno gets a table!  The crowd is crazy.  Cuerno sets up the table.  He picks up Fenix, who is selling his exhaustion.  He resists Cuerno’s attempt at a suplex into the table and reverses!  He climbs the ladder in front of the table!  Cuerno climbs up behind him!  Fenix kicks him off!  He goes down with the ladder!

Fenix is in the top with the audience.  Muertes watches.

8.  9.  10!  That’s it!

Winner via count-out: Fenix!

Mil is PISSED!  He gets out of his throne.  Fenix cheers with the audience.

We cut to a promo.  We’re in the office of a Captain Vasquez.  Some records about Catrina are exchanged. Officer Vegas seems to be targeting some Temple folks.  Vasquez wants to know about Dario Cueto.  Vegas is getting replaced in this case – by none other than Joey Ryan.  Oh.  My.  Word.

Vasquez wants Dario Cueto out of the picture.  Is Joey Ryan up for the job?

Good grief, that was wild.  The episode replay is on now!

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