The Clashy Ring Attire Wrestlemania Review #2000


joelJoel: Honestly the biggest issue that WrestleMania 2000 has is something that can’t really be helped, and the same thing can be said to some extent for WrestleMania XV. But rewatching these past two WrestleManias, the biggest reaction I had to them was “This just isn’t WrestleMania X-Seven.” That feeling hit especially hard during WrestleMania 2000 watching the “Triangle Ladder Match” knowing that we were going to get a much better version of the exact same thing in the next show.
I’ve tried to keep X-Seven opinions at bay while reviewing WrestleMania 2000, as we’ll be addressing that show soon enough, but even standing on it’s own, WrestleMania 2000 is a bit of an overbooked mess. On a card with nine matches, only one of them was a singles match, and that was the Women’s Catfight match that still had a special guest referee that was a wrestler, and was still less than three minutes long. Every other match was crammed full of wrestlers. We had three different tag team matches, a triple threat match, a six person intergender tag team match, the triangle ladder match that had six people who were legal at the same time, and the Hardcore Battle Royal. And even though the main event was a Four-way elimination match, each of the wrestlers had a different McMahon in the corner, so there were really eight different people who were involved in that match and its buildup.
This results in a show that’s a pretty mesmerizing disaster, and I’m aware that there is a large amount of Attitude Era nostalgia that is involved in feeling that way about the show, but again the highlights of this show, have been done better on other WrestleManias. It’s a pretty good example of what Wrestling in the year 2000 was like and the good and bad that comes with that.

kueKue: I absolutely loved this Mania. Everything about the Attitude Era that resonated with me, sans Taker and Austin, was incapsulated in this particular Mania. And that, of course, was the incredible cast of characters.
With that said, objectively, it was an okay event in regards to matches. The stand outs included the ridiculous Hardcore Battle Royal, the two fall triple threat between Benoit/Jericho/Angle, the absolutely intense Triangle Ladder Match between the Dudleys/Hardys/Edge and Christian, and the Four Way Elimination main event. The Ladder Match itself was such an amazing match that, not only was its legacy felt through the series of extreme matches between these three teams, but even today in the annual December TLC event (though, of course, the matches in said annual tend to fail to measure up to these premier ones). The main event was impactful in its own right. Mick Foley got his Mania main event. The Rock was solidified as the top baby face of the company. And for the first time in Mania history, the heel came out on top.

Mania 2000 gets its fair share of criticism. But all in all, it was definitely a fun ride.

chrisSanders: Here in the Clashy Ring Attire family, we tend to focus on seemingly tiny details believe it’s a bigger issue than what it is in scale of how truly meaningless that tiny detail probably is. That being said, it really bugs me that this isn’t Wrestlemania XVI and I get it, the year 2000 was a huge deal and just about everything had the 2000 or extreme tagline in the title and so this was merely WWE going with the flow on that trend.
As for the event itself, it was a decent enough show but I think it’s biggest weakness (to no fault of it’s own), is that Wrestlemania X-Seven follows it up and blows just about every other WM out of the water. The triangle ladder tag match was incredible and it help create this massive wave of momentum in the tag team division but that match in WM17 is remembered as the best one ever and for good reason. Honestly, this isn’t a terrible show, it’s far from it, but I kept wanting to finish this one up so we could move onto 17. It’s not the worst thing to ever have “2000” in the title, that honor still belongs to Dracula 2000.

bo rida for bdBD: WrestleMania 2000 is another in a long list of WrestleMania’s during a really strong time in WWE despite some very poor WrestleMania’s.
The main event was not good. A McMahon in every corner sounds great in theory, but pretty much everyone knew the McMahons would reunite, that Foley wasn’t getting the belt out of retirement, ‎that Big Show wasn’t getting it for the same reason they’ve never put a major title on Big Show, and that Rock wasn’t turning heel. So basically… HHH was winning, and match quality was not on their side here.
Fortunately, the TLC match somewhat saved a really, really terrible show and is the only thing really worth watching aside from maybe Benoit / Jericho / Angle. Would have been better as a singles match between any 2 of the 3, but oh well.

Literally everything else was horrible. Next year’s card, though, things really picked up.

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