Dave Bautista, WWE’s Batista, No Longer Likely For Wrestlemania 32 Over Titus O’Neil’s (Now Reduced) Suspension?

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Dave Bautista aka Batista and Titus O'Neil

WWE’s Batista has assembled a nice acting career using his real name Dave Bautista. He’s largest role so far was in the smash hit Marvel Comics movie Guardians of the Galaxy as the big bruiser Drax.

Dave Bautista is good friends with WWE’s Titus O’Neil, real name Thaddeus Michael Bullard Sr. So, a fan asked Batista on his twitter account what he thought of O’Neil’s suspension.

His response? He suggested to his friend O’Neil ask for his release from his WWE contract. Despite WWE changing Titus O’Neil’s suspension from 90 days to 60 days, Bautista also retweeted a tweet by former WWE wrestler MVP who noted that there is life after WWE.

It is well known that WWE has been trying to get Batista / Bautista on the Wrestlemania 32 to no avail so far due to creative issues. These two strong twitter messages from the wrestler / actor makes his presence at Wrestlemania 32 unlikely. He’s not pleased with WWE’s treatment of O’Neil over what many see has a minor mistake.

Whether WWE is still interested in Batista for their big PPV after these tweets remains to be seen, but Batista would be a huge draw for Wrestlemania 32 considering the raft of injuries across the WWE roster; and WWE needs him more than he needs them at this point.

Titus O’Neil is eligible to return to WWE programming during the last part of the week after Wrestlemania 32. Wrestlemania takes place on April 3, 2016 this year. The first WWE Raw Titus O’Neil would be available for would be the April 11, 2016 edition.

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