10 Thoughts on… TNA Impact on Pop TV 02.16.2016 (EC3 Ascendant, Eli Drake, Matt Hardy Brand)


Got a nice response for my first week back recapping TNA Impact last week so let’s go for week 2!

1. There was a WWE-style opening segment with EC3 holding court in the ring cutting a promo on Matt Hardy. Tyrus came out on the stage to respond but before long it was a 2 on 1 brawl with Matt Hardy. They set up a tag match for later where EC3 needed a partner and the crowd had a (mild) chant for Spud. EC3 is good but not great yet as a face. Certainly better than the Big Dog.

2. I must continue to object to Eric Young in this “unstable” serious character. He is only believable as a comedy figure and even then i still want him outta here. Young and James Storm went to a NC for the KOTM title after their tag partners got involved.

3. Maria is looking more and more like an eagle all the time. As much as I hate the nickname “Mandrews”, he does have pretty cool Blink 182-style music. Pretty much a squash. I’m not feeling Mike Bennett so far but he isnt as bad as the Big Dog.

4. Backstage skit with Decay locked behind a fence. Rosemary said some stuff, then a MYSTERY BRITISH MAN came up and threatened her.

5. Promo for ODARG THE GREAT, a new mystery wrestler coming. Imagine all this buildup for the return of Grado.

6. Decay seems to have a real song by Marilyn Manson as their theme and that is pretty awesome… looks like Billy Corgan is helping at least with music.

7. After the Knockout tag match where Madison and Gail beat the Dollhouse, the Dollhouse beat them down until Velvet Sky made the surprise save to nearly no pop whatsoever. Poor Knockouts. She cuts a promo and is BLOWN UP.

8. Eli Drake and Jesse took on Shera and his partner ODARG, who is Grado in a lucha mask. They won and Odarg unmasked himself but then hid his face. Old school psychology and it worked well for the UK crowd.

9. EC3 came out for the main event alone, having declined various partner offers through the show. The crowd was buying EC3 as a face, chanting along with the “whooooaaaa ohhhh” part of the “trouble” song.

10. After a mid-match commercial, Rockstar Spud came down to be EC3’s partner, and the crowd chanted for him to be tagged in, but the hot tag went back to EC3 and he finished off Matt clean. They are doing a good job of building EC3 as a top face.

Overall I’m still positive on TNA in 2016 but I’d like them to lose these British jabronis like Grado, Spud and Mandrews. And of course Eric Young.

Looks like next week is a formerly PPV now themed Impact edition of LOCKDOWN with EC3/Matt for the title, six way Knockouts match, Beer Money vs. Bram/EY. Looks good, see everyone in 7!


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