Marketing to Marks: Titus, Just Leave These Idiots (WWE, Vince McMahon)

Titus O’Neal was given a 90 day suspension because playfully touching your insane boss isn’t professional. WWE is a serious business, guys. Don’t snicker. Most big companies are run by maniacs that believe giving birth to hands is hilarious.

Titus should leave WWE. He’s got a ton of personality, and can find work in Hollywood. Just put him in Expendables, or he could play any number of superheroes (Icon, he should play fucking Icon, Hardware.). Hell put him in a film as Union Soldier that beats the shit out of a battalion of Confederate zombie soldiers.

If Rock got any shit about “Going Off Script” with those costumed fans, he should leave also. A guy dressed as Macho Man wouldn’t distract fans if Raw wasn’t so boring.

I was told, “WWE is an entertainment company, not a circus.” That’s not going to work for me. I already cover enough entertainment companies. I want to cover wrestling, not a fake MMA stunt show. Everyone in trunks, the same boring entrances from everyone, while they walk down the same boring entrance stage.

I hate WWE. I’d rather have 1999 & 2000 Nitro. At least the KISS Demon could acknowledge the crowd. Professional wrestling, isn’t meant to be run like WWE runs things now. WWE Was at tag best when things like a pants-less Lord Alfred Hayes would chase Roddy Piper around the locker room. Okay maybe his Lordship went too far, but my point is right. You don’t run a WWE, TNA, and WCW like GM Motors.

The best thing that could happen for WWE is if they let Heyman and Jim Cornette do storylines. That won’t ever happen, but this is my column, and I’d love that.

A few columns back I mentioned that “SJW” comment, I’ve thought about this, and I don’t want that kind of political garbage in pro-wrestling. I think it would be best if the IWC not get involved with this at all. I’m going to write a column as to why I think pro-wrestling should stay out of both sides of this debate, and stick to letting the Nation of Domination, and The Cabinet handle the politics. I also may do a Q&A column, or just make fun of the hilarious comments I see on Fb and Twitter by all the “insiders” there. Did you guys know that people believe The Rock still might headline WrestleMania 32 against Triple H, but it should be non-title? Well, this IWC insider believes that’s the only sane thing to do.

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