Lucha Underground S2 E4: Cero Miedo – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Prince Puma, Pentagon Junior, Chavo Guerrero, The Crew, Joey Ryan, and Many More!

Mil Muertes S2E1

OMG!  Luchafans, there’s so much going on for this week’s episode!  First, we’ve got Joey Ryan returning to the ring and likely confronting The Crew and Chavo Guerrero – who he’s supposed to take down, along with former Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto!  The deadly Texano Jr. is also returning to the ring tonight, and let’s hope we see the time and space-traveling Aero Star!  PLUS – Pentagon Junior and Prince Puma continue their feud to the ring as tonight’s ultimate main event!  Also – what will happen to Fenix now that he defeated the current Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno in a Last Luchador Standing match that was supposed to prevent him from ever flying again?  Who the hell knows – we find out tonight!

Plus – will Dario Cueto return to the Temple with The Crew?  Will the dark Black Lotus be with him?  Is there really a second Temple in the making?  And what about the other wrestlers we haven’t seen a while – such as The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc, plus Sexy Star and Marty “The Moth” Martinez? Return here tonight at 8 P.M. EST for full live coverage and play-by-plays of tonight’s all-new episode!  In the meantime, you can check out last week’s live coverage and its accompanying complete, detailed recap!

Prince Puma Ivelisse S2E1

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!!


Last week, Lucha Underground was a trending hashtag and topic.  Let’s make that happen again tonight!

It’s 8, Believers!!!

We get a recap of the Season 2 Premiere, when The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, her boyfriend Son of Havoc, and Angelico fought each other for the Number 1 Contender to Mil Muertes’s LU Championship Match! Ivelisse lost that night, and recall that Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma intervened.

Back to the present.  We’re in Catrina’s office.  Ivelisse wants to talk.  She’d be champ if it weren’t for the Disciples.  Catrina thinks Ivelisse got lucky with the mercy her and Mil gave her.  Ivelisse gives a proposal. Catrina says no – apparently there are no automatic rematch clauses.  Ivelisse wants the Trios Titles back in the hands of the Unlikely Trio.  Catrina gives the Lick of Death to the knife – and the camera. Phew.

We’re in the Temple ring.  “This is not church, but it is the Temple!”  Vampiro’s a little less crazy tonight.

Whistles for Melissa!  Here comes The Unlikely Trio for the opening match – a Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match!  They are fan favorites.  Intense chants and stomping for Angelico!

OMG HERE COMES THE CREW.  And Chavo Guerrero Jr.!  Whew.  Matt Striker says Cisco is the most dangerous.  Boos from the crowd.  Mil watches from his throne.  Any of these six could challenge Mil for the title.  Suddenly, the crowd chants for Guerrero.

Tag Team Match: The Crew vs. The Unlikely Trio

Here we go!  Angelico vs. Cisco.  Cisco kicks Angelico.  Lots of counters.  Leapfrog.  Angelico’s got Cisco.  He tags Ivelisse!  Cisco gets her but she counters.  She’s in the corner with Cortez.  He pushes her.  He goes for a suplex – she reverses!  Back elbow.  Kicks away clothesline.  She kicks his back.  She goes for the pin!  Kick out by Cortez at 1.  Cortez punches Ivelisse.  She’s limp – that really took a lot out of her.

Chavo is back in.  Chavo holds her down in the turnbuckle.  Chavo goes for the pin but she kicks out and screams.  She kicks Chavo.  Kick to the hamstring, she does a back heel!

Cisco is back in.  Ivelisse tags in Son of Havoc!  Leg sweep, Moonsault, and cover!

Kick out.  He does a handspring back elbow.  Chants for Havoc.  Havoc is knocked out.  He gets The Crew Treatment – ouch.  Havoc is suplexed, and pins Havoc.  He kicks out.  He’s in a hold.  He gets out and counters Cisco, who’s on his game tonight, says Striker.  Cisco gives Havoc a wedgie.  Most of The Crew is out of the ring.

Angelico is tagged in!  He’s got momentum!  Holy crap!

Chavo grabs his hair but Angelico counters.  Chavo’s out.  Havoc and Angelico flip out of the ring and onto The Crew on the floor!

He uses the move used to win their Trios Title, and he pins Chavo!  He gets it!

Winners via pinfall: Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc!

Uh oh, The Crew is arguing with each other.  The audience wants them to fight!  Omg Texano Jr. knocks them out!!!  He has his lasso!  He’s just as pissed as he was last week, whew.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

Johnny Mundo Promo
Johnny Mundo’s got some facts to share.  Oh yes.  We get a video package of him.  He hasn’t been treated like the star he is.  He was the opening match of last season’s Ultima Lucha, which he sees as a disgrace – but he still stole the show.  Can someone make a Johnny Mundo standee for me, please?  He wants to be the LU Champion.  We get a recap of his encounter in episode two with Brian Cage, who also wants the championship.  Mundo will make Cage obsolete – because it’s his world, and everyone else is just living in it.

Want to look like Johnny Mundo?  Check out the tips below!

We’re back in Boyle Heights, backstage.  Joey Ryan talks to Cortez.  Cortez isn’t terribly enthused.  Ryan will give Cortez some wrestling tips – his match is next!

We cut to commercial.

We’re back!  Time for Joey Ryan’s match!  He pours oil all over himself.  Vampiro’s going to have an anxiety attack.  He also has video tapes of his uncle in the 70s… But Striker tells him to shut up.


OMG Cage!  He is JACKED.

Ryan looks on.  Striker likes his clean look, without tattoos.

Singles Match: Joey Ryan vs. Brian Cage

Cheers for Joey!  Lock between the two.  Joey still has his lollipop.  He uses it as a weapon on Cage!  The ref isn’t very happy about it.  Cage has Ryan in the corner and drags him.  Great hit!  Cage is really showing off his strength.  Throw.  Ryan dodges another attack and Cage runs into the turnbuckle.  Ryan has momentum!  Dropkick by Ryan!

Cover, kick out by Cage.  Armbar by Joey.  Suplex by Joey.  Taunting by Joey.

Joey kicks Cage.  He’s got his hand on Cage in a weird place.  Cage now has momentum, despite that.  Joey counters, but Cage does a moonsault, and misses.

Joey’s got Cage in a pin – but Cage kicks out.  Cage is in bad shape.  Cage throws Joey!

He pins him, but Joey kicks out.

Discus by Cage, Joey ducks, he kicks Cage!  Pin, but kick out by Cage.  Lots of nearfalls by Joey so far. Powerbomb by Cage!  Screwdriver!

He pins Joey!  He wins!

Winner via pinfall: Brian Cage!

OMG JOHNNY MUNDO!  He attacks him from behind!  Boos from the crowd!

Mil watches.  Mundo did a spear similar to Mil’s favorite move.  Cheers for Johnny Mundo!  Cage retaliates. Mundo jumps off the ropes but no luck.  Weapon X by Cage!  Intense cheers for him.

Cage has the mic.  He’s not a man – he’s a machine!  We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  Some practice wrestling with Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca!  Mysterio tells a legend of the Aztecs.

There’s an ancient Aztec prophecy – the one Aero Star is involved in!

We’re back in Boyle Heights.  Next week, we see Cage vs. Johnny Mundo for our main event!  Aw yiss.  Now we’ve got Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Junior!  Prince Puma comes out first.  The descendant of the ancient Aztecs looks brilliant.  He watches Mil from the ring.

Cero miedo!  Here comes Pentagon Jr.!  Their match is next!  We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  Here we go!

Main Event: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Junior

Cheers from the crowd!  The two argue.  Pentagon makes a move.  He misses!  Counters by Puma!

Headlock by Pentagon!  Shoulder tackle!  Leapfrog!  Puma’s got momentum!  Dropkick!  Pentagon leaves the ring!  Puma shows off like a badass!

Pentagon drags Puma out of the ring and they fight outside the ring.  Puma is down.

They’re both back in the ring.  The Temple is coming unglued!  Pentagon SLAPS Puma in the chest!  Ouch!

Another – Puma SELLS the HELL out of a kick by Pentagon!

Pentagon misses another slap, and Puma retaliates.  Pentagon powerbombs!  Counters.  Puma is still down, but he doesn’t give a crap!

Puma retaliates!  Headbutt with Pentagon in the corner!  Head into the turnbuckle.  He turns him around, he perches, he waits, and gets Pentagon!

Puma jumps onto Pentagon out of the ring!  He floats like a god!

They’re back in the ring now.  He pins Pentagon, kick out at ALMOST 3!  Cero miedo chants!

Headlock by Pentagon.  Blocked a suplex by Puma.  Pentagon’s losing momentum.  Nicely done counter by Pentagon! He pins Puma, but he kicks out!  Puma won’t budge in a head trap!  He’s got momentum again – they’re both tired.

Pentagon covers Puma – he kicks out.  They’re exhausted!  The ref begins a count-out.  They both slowly get up.  Puma slaps Pentagon some!  They slap each other!  Puma strikes!  He encourages Pentagon!  Pentagon begins a signature move but Puma slips out!  Something flies out of Pentagon’s mouth!  Puma retaliates and covers!  Kick out at 2!

Springboard by Puma!  He covers Pentagon – kick out!

Pentagon is mad!  He hits Puma!  Piledriver by Pentagon!  Submission by Pentagon!  He covers Puma!  1.  2.  3!  Wait a minute…

Puma technically wins!  Pentagon’s shoulders were down!

Pentagon hits the ref!  He attacks Puma but Puma retaliates!  He’s going to break Pentagon’s arm!

Nope, he resists.

Winner via pinfall: Prince Puma!

We cut to a promo!  Sexy Star is running away frantically!  Someone approaches her – is it The Moth?!

No, it’s The Mack!  He asks Sexy who did this to her.  She struggles to speak.  “Not him… Her!”  We find out next week!  You can catch the episode replay now!

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