Marketing to Marks: WWE Fastlane 2016 and Beyond #canceleverything?

Fast Lane was going to be a throwaway PPV, and we all knew it. Canceling the WWE Network because Roman won a match, that we all knew he’d win, is no reason to be pissed. I’m getting tired of critiquing events based on results. If Brock, or Dean won at Fast Lane, it would’ve made no sense. They’ve built Roman toward this since Survivor Series. Spoiler Alert: Triple H is going to lose to Reigns at Mania. WWE likes sending people home happy after WrestleMania concludes, and Reigns beating Hunter will do that, or WWE thinks so.

I don’t see Kalisto and Rey doing a feud for the US Belt. I don’t see Rey Mysterio in the WWE again really. Besides WWE seems to fear putting two luchadores together in a match. I don’t know why, but WWE doesn’t get Lucha Libre masked wrestlers, and spotfesters. They look at masked wrestlers as kid-friendly, and that’s about it.

I’m noticing New Day is either turning face, or that heel factions are standing up to the League of Nations? The Social Outcasts did this to the Wyatts awhile back, and The Outcasts are still heel. I don’t see New Day going face because we’re going to shit all over them when they do turn face, just like when Angle turned face in 2003-04. New Day’s annoying goody-goody gimmick will look ridiculous, and they’ll need to tone down and be boring. We’ll hate them. Duh.

I don’t know why the Wyatts keep losing matches. Does Big Show, and Kane really need the win?

At Fast Lane, I noticed Charlotte and Naomi weren’t doing too well. I expected more from them.

So Mania looks to be AJ Styles Vs Owens, Ambrose Vs Brock, and Shane McMahon will be losing to the Undertaker.

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