Glory 27 Chicago – Play by Play, Results and Live Blog

Hey guys, coming to you live from Chicago, IL, and the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates for Glory 27. This is not a return to Inside Fights for me, of course, but making good on some positive press coverage for my personal project. You can read more about that over here.

Right now were waiting on the SuperFight series, what Glory has tabbed their undercard as, which is live on UFC Fight Pass for the first time. They’re going to be live on ESPN 3 for the main card, as well.

Highlight of the undercard was Adam Edgerton with a close decision over Axel Pingarron.


Casey Greene vs. Daniel Morales kicks off the Fight Pass prelims. Greene is 3-2 in Glory, alternating wins and losses since his debut in New York. Morales is making his debut and fights out of Chicago.

Round 1: Morales is looking to counter as Greene is winning the position battle. Morales is feisty but Greene is connecting more and cleaner. Greene 10-9

Round 2: Greene takes over from the beginning and is landing more and better. Morales is game but Greene is just flat out better at the game at this point in his career. This feels like it would be much closer two years from now in a rematch, when Morales gets some ring time under his belt. 10-9 Greene, 20-18 Greene

Round 3: Morales is landing more this round as he comes out firing. The crowd is on his side but Greene is landing more. Closer round than before and I think Morales may have taken it but Greene took it on my card. Greene 10-9, 30-27

Official Decision: 29-28 Greene.

Richard Abraham vs. PAWEL JEDRZEJCZYK is next. Both are making their debut in Glory.

Jedrzejcyk is out to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. Interesting choice. Abraham out to a techno song. Both guys are popular with the crowd. Abraham is a local, thus he gets a bigger pop.

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing but it’s Abraham who’s in control for most of the round. Standing eight count as Abraham buries him near the ropes. PJ finishes the round strong but Abraham looks in control. 10-8 Abraham

Round 2: Abraham comes out strong and is lighting PJ up. He can’t put him away though as PJ isn’t getting tagged clean a lot. He’s eating shots, though, and Abraham is in cruise control right now. Abraham corners him and lights him up but PJ is not going down. He batters him into the corner with 10 seconds left and can’t quite finish it. Abraham 10-9, 20-17

Round 3: PJ starts out strong but Abraham takes over quickly. PJ is eating a lot of shots but he’s surviving on guts alone right now. Abraham is also tiring as PJ has made him expend a lot of his gas tank. Abraham is hitting him but there isn’t a lot of pop in his shots. PJ fights him much close this round but Abraham with the win and the round. 10-9 Abraham, 30-26

Official decision: Abraham via decision 30-26×3

Demoreo Dennis vs. Guto Inocente

Round 1: Fairly lackluster fight … and then Guto with the insane headkick KO to starch Dennis.

Official decision: Guto Inocente with the head win via KO (Head kick) at :40 of the first round.

Braddock Silva vs. Maurice Greene

Silva enters the arena to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

Round 1: Close first round until the end of the round as Silva hurts Greene with a brutal leg kick. Greene survives the round but he’s hobbling. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: The leg is bothering Greene as Silva is taking charge with combinations that start with leg kicks to the injured wheel of Greene. Knockdown off a leg kick and Greene takes the standing eight. Silva is pounding on that leg kick and Greene is down again. Back up at eight. 10-7 Silva, 20-16 Silva.

Round 3: Greene answers the bell and Silva goes right back with combinations that start with hitting that injured leg. Greene is game but every time he gets hit in that leg he’s wincing. Silva is playing it safe as he’s not taking any risks. He’s keepign at distance and is content to hit and back out. Greene is getting desperate but that injured leg is preventing him from stepping into anything. Silva 10-9, 30-25

Official Decision: Silva 30-25×3

Joe Schilling vs. Mike Lemaire

Round 1: Schilling dominating early as Lemaire can’t get a punch off without eating something big from Schilling. Nut shot late but Schilling cruised for the round win. 10-9 Schilling.

Round 2: Lemaire comes out more aggressive but Schilling backs him into the corner and makes him eat a vicious combination. He’s starting to take over a minute in and is just out-classing him. Lemaire is tough but Schilling is lighting him up all round. 10-9 Schilling, 20-18

Round 3: Lemaire is going to the clinch anytime Schilling starts to land combinations but he’s still eating a ton of shots. Schilling isn’t landing as much but it’s not for lack of trying; Lemaire is going to the body clinch as soon as Schilling starts to throw anything. 10-9 Schilling, 30-27

Official decision: Schilling via decision 30-27×3


Wayne Barrett vs. Robert Thomas

This is the first fight in the middleweight tournament.

Round 1: Both guys are cautious going on. Not a lot of big shots being landed; Barrett is working the body and Thomas is throwing on the outside. Neither guy is expending tons of energy as this is more about the setup than anything else. Barrett is catching a lot of kicks but isn’t landing a lot of volume on the counter. 10-9 Barrett

Round 2: Thomas is more aggressive to start the round. Barrett is starting to take the fight over as Thomas is starting to freeze up a bit. Barrett is beating him to the punch but neither guy is throwing a ton of volume. 10-9 Barrett, 20-18 Barrett

Round 3: Both guys come out more aggressive to start the round; the second was close enough that both could be under the impression that the third is the round that’ll decide it. This is a tepid fight, though, as both guys are fighting to keep something in reserve for the final. Thomas is pressing the pace a little more as he’s controlling the ring more effectively this round. 10-9 Thomas, 29-28 Barrett.

Official decision: Barrett 30-27×3

Dustin Jacoby vs. Karl Roberson

The other half of the tournament bracket.

Round 1: Not a ton of action until 40 seconds in when Jacoby is on the receiving end of a nut shot. Not a ton of action until the final minute of the round; Jacoby is using his kicks to measure distance well and Roberson is eating a lot of leg kicks. He’s avoiding everything up top but Jacoby is finding his rhythm. 10-9 Jacoby.

Round 2: Roberson comes out firing and dominates the opening minute of the round as he’s starting to work Jacoby. He’s pulling the trigger more now as he was not throwing a ton in the first. Jacoby returns the nut shot favor and Roberson takes time to recover. Roberson 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Roberson comes out strong again; he’s really starting to put together good combinations and isn’t firing back one for one. Anytime Jacoby throws a shot he’s returning with a combination. Jacoby is throwing single shots and Roberson is countering him with multiples. Jacoby drops Roberson with 30 seconds left with a brilliant straight right and he’s pouring it on. Another brilliant combination and Roberson is DOWN AGAIN. Beats the eight count once again and the round ends. Jacoby just stole that fight. Jacoby wins via TKO (two knockdown rule)

Official decision: Jacoby via TKO (knockdowns) at 2:56 of the third


Round 1: Wild start as both guys threw a ton of strikes. High pace as both guys pushed out a ton of volume early. Pace slowed down considerably but both are throwing a ton. Wild fight so far. Chikadze 10-9

Round 2: Another wild opener as KV is looking to land a jumping knee to start. Vannostrand is working the body with knees as Giga is starting to slow down from them. Both guys take turns in the final minute throwing bombs on th eother in the corner. 10-9 Vannostrand, 19-19

Round 3: Sweep from Giga early as he nearly lands an axe kick. Lands a great combination to get KV into the corner but brilliant footwork to get out of there quickly. Giga is starting to land more in volume right now; KV is slowing down and exposing himself to some big shots. Giga nearly drops KV in the final 10 seconds. 10-9 Giga, 29-28

Official decision: Giga via decision (29-28, 30-27×2)

Tournament Final: Jacoby vs. Barrett

Round 1: Interesting to see the adjustments the two have made since their first fight. Barrett is moving his head exceptionally well and moving out after he throws. Jacoby is using movement to try and put Barrett in the corner. Jacoby with a big knockdown right at the end of the first. 10-8 Jacoby

Round 2: Barrett comes out working the body some more and Jacoby is head hunting. Barrett goes down from a a big hook. Jacoby wins the tournament via TKO.

Official decision: Jacoby via TKO at 1:06 of the second round

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus

Round 1: Levin’s dirty early as both guys are working a five round pace. Levin with the clinch early, which is what Marcus complained about in their earlier match. Marcus with a crisp left flush on the jaw and Levin walks though it. Lots of body clinching going on as both guys are going to it; the crowd isn’t happy. Levin gets knocked down and through the ropes, back in the ring and up at eight. Jaw jacking after the bell, too. 10-8 Marcus

Round 2: Levin comes out throwing more and it’s Marcus with the clinch. Levin working the body clinch as well; this is an ugly fight so far as both men are going to that clinch in between hard shots. It’s amusing for two guys who don’t like one another that they’re spending so much time in the clinch … again. And Levin gets a point deducted, to boot. Marcus pounces as Levin turns his head and the Russian eats some shots. Brawl to end the round and more jaw jacking. 9-9, Marcus 19-17

Round 3: Levin is winning the round until he loses a point with 30 seconds left … and then quits.

Official decision: Marcus via TKO (quit).


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